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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by WarMonger, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. I thought it was unwritten rule in showbiz that you didnt work with children, animals and kept your mouth shut about things like this.!!

    Saw this article on yahoo news!!

    Everett attacks British Army 'wimps' in TV documentary
    By WENN world entertainment news - 2 hours 37 minutes ago

    Outspoken actor Rupert Everett has sparked fury from British soldiers after branding them "whining wimps" who are "pathetic" compared to recruits in the days of Victorian Britain.

    The Stardust actor, whose own father was a major in the British Army, made the controversial comments in a TV documentary he has filmed for the UK's Channel 4 about 19th century soldier Sir Richard Burton.

    The star compares modern day soldiers to old fashioned recruits, insisting British fighters in Iraq and Afghanistan constantly "whine" about facing the risk of death.

    And the 49-year-old insists soldiers have no right to complain, as enlisting to the Army is the same as having a death wish.

    He says, "The whole point of being in the Army is wanting to get killed, wanting to test yourself to the limits. Now you have to fly 15,000 feet above the war zone to avoid getting hit.

    "I don't think there is any point in having wars if that's how you're going to behave. It's pathetic. All this whining!"

    And the star doesn't only blast the state of the British Army, he also attacks the US and their cultural identity following the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York in 2001, branding the country as a "blobby" nation.

    He adds, "I'm totally off the States now. The reaction to 9/11 and then George Bush - really, they've got very blobby as a nation.

    "Now they are whiny victims whose language is entirely taken from two TV shows - Friends and Sex And The City - and there's nothing sexy about them any more.

    "And that kind of semi-blindness about the rest of the world, which was attractive when America was exciting, is really unattractive now."

    Hands up all those who thinks Rupert Everett is a TWUNT!. Maybe the Army should offer him an all expenses paid trip to Afghanistan or Iraq to judge and see for himself some of the whining!!!!

    Im sure the squaddies would welcome him... :pissedoff: !!!!
  2. Totaly agree WM the man is a TWUNT and should be put in front of the families of those who gave their lives so he can sleep safe at night. WHAT A CNUT!!
  3. Saw a similar article in the Times,I think he's trying to get publicity for his upcoming tv programme.

    Just another luvie who thinks he knows whats best for us etc.

    Why they think they are the worlds experts on everything beats me,years ago actors/actresses where deemed lower than common prostitues.

    Treat him with the contempt he deserves.
  4. As some would say "here we go again" - what the fcuk,

    just another frigging shirt lifter gobbing off ... contemptuous basket
  5. our armed services,the best trained fighting men in the world are entitled to have a drip occasionally,however pircks like roopert should keep their gobs zipped up and do what they do best(pretend not to be's a psychological flaw incidentally). Just because Daddy was in the army does not qualify one as an expert on army matters.UNDOUBTEDLY A TWUNT. What a beautiful word,who invented that one? only a British serviceman could. fcuck you roooopert. ********!!!!!!!!!!!

    oH Shite I'm angry again.

  6. Who gives a flying Feck about what this raving Brown hatter actor says or thinks.

    The person is a fool :pukel: :pukel:
  7. Another military expert who never served, yet can pontificate like this. Can we nominate this "person" for the "Oxygen Thief of the Year Award" ?
  8. The only nomination this TWUNT gets is for numerous sharp blows with a blunt fcuckin instrument.This person does influence a lot of people Pinch and should as one in the public eye,keep his bile to himself.

    UP SPIRITS.........SPLICERS!!!!!!!!!!
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Oh I'm sure he already has... :wink:

    (And for the record, although I admire his work, I couldn't give a toss what he says about this subject. His comments will not change anything or anyone's opinion. Least of all the people who ARE supporting the troops at the moment)

  10. Well I do. I'm a "brown hatter" too. And I would personally like to show Mr Everett the very sharp end of a pointed sword to the heart. Don't you dare tar us all with the same brush, there are enough "straight" people out there decrying our worth (I speak there as a service person not a gay man)
    As an ex-service man, a Falklands vet and yes, a gay man, I will defend our forces with every breath I have, please don't take this overpaid, under talented, ponce as an example of what we (gay personnel) are like.
  11. Err I think you need to edit

    Jack McH
  12. He’d certainly know all about being a whimp, whimping out of the Celebrity Apprentice like he did.
  13. Who the fcuk is Rupert Everitt :pukel: :pukel:

    :nemo: :nemo:
  14. Exactly what I was thinking!
  15. Who the fcuk cares what this obnoxious G.S.F.P thinks or says.

    He's purely seeking publicity.

    He can go toss himself off until his knob drops off !!

    :pukel: :pukel:
  16. Thanks, one too many glasses of the old vino there..... :thumright:
  18. Just Googled this:

    Rupert Everett has taken a swipe at soldiers, branding them "whining wimps".

    The 'Shrek' star - whose father is a retired major in the British Army - claims young men and women risking their lives fighting on the frontline for their country are "pathetic".

    Everett - who is currently starring in a British TV documentary about 19th century soldier-and-adventurer Sir Richard Burton - added: "The whole point of being in the army is wanting to get killed, wanting to test yourself to the limits.

    "In Burton's day they were itching to get into the fray. Now it is the opposite. They are always whining about the dangers of being killed. Oh my God, they are such wimps! Now you have to fly 15,000ft above the war zone to avoid getting hit."

    Everett has now been slammed by members of the British armed forces for his controversial comments.

    A source said: "You have someone here who is totally inexperienced as a soldier speaking as if he has some authority on the matter. He is in no position to do this. It is deeply hurtful.

    A British Army spokesman said: "His comments don't even deserve a response."
  20. Hope the next time i read his name in the will be in the Obituary " (died of AIDS) Brown hatter [email protected]

    This is aimed soley at Everett...not the the population of golden riveters, so no offence :safe:

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