Currently doing me 2.4Km run in 10.50 thats a big improvment from 2 months ago when i was doing it in 13 + minutes. But i seem to be stuck around that time within a couple of seconds each way.
Im going Raleigh in 3 months can anyone give me any Suggestions on how i could drop this by another minute or more and what training methods i could use. Please dont waste your time posting if its going to be sarcastic.
Distance runs for stamina, FARTLEK Interval training for a big boost to your speed and intermediate stamina. Also Hill sprints can help too.

Work on you body strength too as many more muscle groups are involved in running than just the legs. Helps with balance.


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Scouse has a point, you will plateau out at various stages in your training. I would (because I know how I run, try longer slower runs (Much longer - 20, 30, 40 min runs) and also mix that with interval (sprints) on short training sessions. For me, and I have to say I think training is a really personal thing, to build up stamina I used a Concept2 rowing machine and slog away for ages build up your stamina and your mental stamina which is a major factor.

Good luck.


Don't run less than 3 miles at a steady state; do some sprints, and concentrate on core strength (planks/bridges to steady your frame and make you more efficient). Swim if you can, or row. This will develop your ability to exert yourself whilst continuing to control your breathing.

The 2.4km run is a fitness test - not a way to get fit.
I find for me a good weight training leg session helps me to run quicker. Doing squats and dead lift. I hate running long distances so i try to approach it differently by doing hill sprint's, 1k sprints and interval training. Once in a while I will do a long run just to keep me ticking.
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