Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by PERCY09, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. Do you do your running on a treadmill or out on the street?

    Im doing pretty well on the treadmill but ive always found running on the road much more difficult.

    I just wondered what everyone else does
  2. First things first I HATE [email protected] RUNNING, but it is a necessary evil. I only have to look at a pint of Guinness and on pops 2 stone. On ship all you have is a treadmill. so no choice, but when at home road running is the best way to stay fit, as although you can have hill training on treader its not the same as doing if for real. Plus when you are four miles away from home you cant just give up as you can do on treadmill, hence motivation is a major factor. Plus its better running in fresh air than it is a aircon gym
    Training isnt supposed to be easy.
  3. I related to the treadmill / road difference....bottom line, it was suggested to me that I invest in a good pair of trainers, real running shoes and build up slowly. :)

    Make sure you're well warmed up, 20 minutes of other cardio at least, to protect your body when running ....I am still at the stage of tabbing ,run for 100, powerwalk for 50 (steps), then squats, then run.....your stamina will build gradually.....just push yourself just beyond what you think you can do, like sprint for a short pace between two goals etc, then go back to gentle jog. TBH, unless you have to do it as part of your job, try other cardio methods....not everyone is built to run. :)

    I many shire horses do you see in the Derby ? 8O
  4. The best way to get fit, get your running gear on, go out on a Saturday night, find the biggest bloke going, piss him of then LEG IT, if he gives up find some one else to piss off then LEG IT, if that fails find the old bill, piss them off then LEG IT, then we can laugh cause you will be on police camera action.
  5. Terminology issue here spunker.........we Yomp on this site not fcuking T.A.B thank you very much. If you like Perce so much theres a sister site to this where you can go and get abused. Or have you been already??? :D :wink: 8)
  6. Spunker ? 8O My dear chap, I am a gal.Gal's do not spunk.We's can be spunky, but not spunk-ers.
    As for the tabbing, yomping etc, you understood my meaning, so stop your honking. :) If you're not going to give the man the benefit of your pearls about running here as you did me, kindly **** off to the showers and crack one off.There's a good lad. :D
  7. thats one way to keep fit
  8. That's quality :lol: !

    I don't really fancy trying it though lol.
  9. Exactly my point about terminolgy innit!! Tactical Advance to Battle (TAB) is what them there smelly perce types do as opposed to Royal who's life you blight by posting your usual bollocks!!!

    As to giving advice, buy a good pair or training-i gave good advice on that-and get off your arse and pound the streets until you feel you have had enough!!

    Simple innit!! :roll:
  10. No shit 'It's simple'. Glad to see you finally managed, through all the bluff, to extend an offering to our initial poster. :roll:
  11. NZ : 'Sweetcheeks' is a phrase coined by XRD months ago, as is the random concept he made up about my being fat. It's old, old news, as is the pie-eating accusation.

    You do nothing, repeat NOTHING except copy his lead, so don't be expecting respect anytime this millenium, OK ? Moreover, read the threads of the past 3 months properly before posting.

    Better still, try to come up with something resembling 'appropriate' for the poor sod asking about running, as most of us have replied in sorts to his request.

    Last, stop following me around RR like a bad smell, simply trying to come up with something insulting when your first contact with me was from the angle of just deperately wanting to impress the other lads. You act, you sound, you write like just another sheep in the herd.

  12. Fcuking hell sweetcheeks........
  13. :D

    You don't want the fire don't light the match. :roll:

    This is Health and Fitness,'Running', guys, tips for Percy welcome.

    DL's or the Gash Barge for cracking off. :)
  14. I've got a running tip, the same as all the others on this site. Get fitted for proper trainers and just get on with it, mileage not important, time spent is.

    Now that's out of the way, you're feisty tonight, fancy a fight? Naked.
  15. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    The larger pic would'nt load, but is T starring in the re-make?

  16. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

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