Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Taloolah, May 22, 2009.

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  1. Dear All....

    Soon to be extending cardio work from rowing machine, x-trainer and bike to the great outdoors and wondered if anyone could and would recommend any running tips to prevent injury as well as the best types of trainers to
    purchase ?

    Any tips gratefully received.
  2. Yes i could help you greatly thanks!!! :twisted:
  3. For once I feel qualified to give genuine advice here, how did that happen?

    Gait analysis is a must if you intend to take running seriously, they will then suggest the kind of trainers to buy and not necessarily the expensive ones. Do NOT cnut around in a gash set of trainers if you're going to put themiles in, you'll fcuk yourself up. Most major cities have at least one or two running shops who will carry out gait analysis for you free with no obligation to buy.

    After years of abuse, I have a rather iffy left knee and adopted the pose method of running about 2 years ago (I know, sounds like some ejaculation delay tactic) which has reduced the stress on my knees. It doesn't half work the calf muscles too.

    Pose method

    Start slow and easy, slowly introduce hills and also vary pace, possibly introducing fartlek once you become comfortable.


    Iut's also worth incorporating some weighted squats to strengthen the lower back, core and legs to avoid injury

    Always hydrate and stretch before and after, start slowly and remember, fast or slow a mile is still a mile.

    Most importantly of all, enjoy. There's nothing better than seeing some fat cnut in a car shaking their head at you in disbelief as they see you running in driving hail.
  4. X : Kinnell, how did you find your way onto this thread ? It is, after all ,a reasonably sensible one. :roll: 8)

    Monty, Stirling, many thanks, I hadn't got any idea about gait analysis etc, that explains why running's been so difficult before, perhaps.Very sound advise, yours written,MLP's, in it's usual indomintable style,bound to put a smile on a girl's face. :wink: :)
    Understand necessity for good quality trainers, was looking at investing in a pair but will do as you suggest and speak to the pro's first.

    Cheers Guys, :)
  5. If your looking for a pair of trainers that are up to the job then might i suggest Asics or New Balance as they have a wide variety of types for different peoples abilities, height, weight etc. If your anywhere near London check our Run and Become off of victoria street as they are the people to talk to to get the idea of what your requirements are as opposed to JJB sports etc who know nothing!!

    It might shock you but i have actually done a bit of phys in my time. Some might even make your toes curl!! :wink:

  6. Not surprised about your phys at all,X, you do strike as perhaps being a Pen Y Fan kinda enthusiast and certainly, err, very energetic :D

    To be honest, I am just grateful and not a little surprised to receive a response from you that omits the usual rudeness, ( 'Craters in the road' etc). and comments with very sensible content:wink:

    In all seriousness, many thanks, I am following up all leads and people's experience and advice gratefully received. :)
    Be well,
  7. Rudeness apart you asked a sensible question reference something i've done a fair bit of so am happy to answer. If i can help on this further crack on and ask away!!!
  8. I would say the best way to improve on fitness is just to get out there and do it instead on relying on books and fangled techniques. I used to do a circuit of say 4 miles and each time try to beat the previous time. That way i was always motivated to getting results. I also find pyramid training pretty good because its continuously tough and gives all over fitness.
  9. Sensible questions for sensible Current Affairs. Diamond Lil's another matter.

    Thanks for all the feedback, seems ARRSE is a wealth of info.

    Pyramid training ? Is that when you alternate speed during cardio workout sprint, slower,sprint, slower etc. ?
  10. I see a physio in Birmingham who has his own gait analysis equipment whereby i think they get the patient onto a treadmill and then film them running with a view to seeing where the problem lies.

    As i said call me old fashioned but the best way to get fit is to run, do circuits and work 100%
  11. Pyramid training.

    In essence its doing circuits between 2 set points (E.G A&B) with the distance apart of your choosing. An example could be that i want to do 4 different exercises between stations these could be press ups, sit-ups, burpees, squat thrusts. Start by sprinting to point A and doing 1 of each of the 4 exercises. Then sprint to point B and do 2 of the 4 exercises and so on up to perhaps 5 to start with. Then when you get to 5 of each work backwards to 1 making sure that you concentrate on quality exercises and working hard between the 2 stations.

    I can guarantee you it will hurt at the end.

    hope this helps!!
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    So the Clubswinger was lying when he said I'd only achieve results if I put in 110%?! 8O :wink:
  13. This one has been asked many times!!!!

    Running style comes under supination and pronation.

    New Balance was my desired footwear in those days Ireland was the country of origin now it is probably India or China.

    Do not use the same running surface alternate between road and track ie bit of fell running and a circuit down a few quiet country lanes increase your distance to fit in with your fitness level.

    My mistake was the joining of a running club then instead of listening to your body you look at your watch.
  14. I dont think that comment was aimed at anyone in particular Jim. :wink:
  15. I thought you were Jim not Roger!! :wink: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  16. Yea get the right trainers and use specific ones to run in as they shape. I found if you need to aim for the 2.4km/1.5m run in a quick time then use google maps to map it and measure distances in your local area and then if you do 30 seconds fast walk and 30 seconds sprinting at first then gradually as you do the run week by week get the fast walk/double time down to 25 seconds, 20 seconds... eventually you can sprint the whole way like crazy :D (obviously all after proper warm ups).
  17. I work for the NHS in Brum, and am doing Physio after my recent demise.
    Are you by chance under the selly oak or Queen Elizabeth units?

    And do you use a cycle at all, they have got me doing 15 miles a day on one. I must admit my initial reluctance has disappeared as I am getting spectacular results and unlike running you can go further and see more as well as attain fitness.
    I am not required to do 15 every day, its a min of 3 times a week with circuit (Light weights) thrown in,as all my upper chest muscles were weakened when I had my heart attack.
    Back on track now though, soon be able to insult booties again and RUN.
    :lol: :lol:
  18. The physio i see in Brum is private mate but i do have dealings with said hospitals in a professional capacity
  19. Regards trainers, I always try mine on in a shop then go on the internet to buy them, also different brands have different fits.

    I wear Asics gel nimbus 9's, and they suit my foot shape although they arent adjusted to me specifically, Asics seem to suit long narrow feet anyway.

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