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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by tornado, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. What speed (MPH) does a walk become run and run become a sprint?
  2. depends on your level of fitness and running ablity. One mans sprint is anothers jog.
  3. witsend

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  4. Doesn't really answer your question - however - I found this site which might be useful to some other "lurkers" on here.

    The treadmill calculator can tell you what speed (km/h) you need to run at to run the PJFT in whatever time needed. You just enter two sets of information - so the distance you want to run and a time you want to rungit. And if you click on the "Jogging Calculator" you can enter ANY town/city in the world and map a route for running and it will let you know how many miles it is. I have found it useful for planning new places and circular routes to run and time it so I get an accurate result.

  5. Thanks, useful site
  6. 12km/h=2.4km in 12 minutes

    I'd say yours should be in mph.
  7. You need run the 2.4km run at 8.5mph or more to pass
  8. 7.29 mph -RN

    7.29mph then 8.57mph-RM
  9. Walking becomes running when you are moving fast enough for both feet to be off the ground at the same time.
  10. sgtpepperband

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    :? :lol:

  11. For me I'd say walk becomes a jog around 6 m/p/h, a jog to a run at 8.5 m/p/h and a run to a sprint around 12 m/p/h.

    To be honest sprinting on a treadmill is not ideal, at all.
  12. Excellent Link. I have been after something like this for years.
    In past I had to get my High School calculate out and a big sheet of A4 to work out my "averages" and "split times"! :p
  13. 10 miles in an hour is a good speed.........and I mean 10 miles in an hour :wink:

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