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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Tristan, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. It says on my kit list running shoes but I only have trainers will they be ok for running in?
  2. The..........

    In fact fcuk it, I can't even be arsed.
  3. normal trainers can cause shin splints and other problems, buy a pair of running trainers you can get them cheap enough. definitely by a decent soap dish tho
  4. It's monged week, me thinks
  5. No no I just want to be prepared!
  6. A good pair of running trainers will save you injuring yourself and can helps you with your running style/time. It is worth popping into a good running shop to get them to check out your running style.


  7. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I thought you got issued those?
  8. You do. Hi-Tec silver shadows, killer. They should bring back the Dunlop Green Flash though, they ruled all.
  9. Helpful as ever SM, is there a message in your name are you into the old s&m? Will you be the first to streach my ring?
  10. when you join raleigh you get issued hi tec (i think) running trainers,
  11. Silver shadows!!!!! Do they still issue them as well as the green ninjas?

    I wasn't lucky to have either, I got the white Ponies lol
  12. I found a pair of Silver shadows in a surplus shop for a fiver. Binned them the day after :roll:

    Had a pair of Dunlop Green Flash a while ago. They were comfy :)
  13. White Plimsolls were what we got issued!!!!

  14. Aye got those daps still SM lol They're retro footwear now
  15. Do new entrants still have to wipe their own arses or does the instructor now do it ??? Jeez... I bet the MT section have loads of probs getting all the lick off the coach windows after delivering these quarter wits.
  16. It's frightening how close to the truth you really are..............
  17. I hope they do.
  18. Apparently stores here are issuing some new style Hi-tecs for now.. From what i've heard they're actually proper running shoes this time and not the silvershadow concrete weights.

    They look pretty nifty.. but unfortunetly, bright white.. so not too sure how long they'll stay that way. but am taking a set out tommorrow as my shadows have had it.
  19. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hmmmmm, got me thinking Jimbo. I still have my canvas kitbag, suitcase, No2's, itchy blue jumper and stokers cap, but where did those plimsolls end up?

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