running pains

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by theone2029, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. Hi
    The last two times I have been running I have had some bad chest pains, It normally happens around the 2.1km mark during my daily 2.4km run.
    It has never happened befor but now it has happened twice im a little concerned.
    Im wondering if anyone on could give me advise on what it could be.
    The only thing I can think of it being is maby heart burn.
    Normally befor i go runningI just have a normal healthy meal. however today the last thing I ate was skittles about 2 and a half hours previous and on sunday I had ran out of my usuall all bran and had some coco pops instead.
    Could it just be heart burn or something more serious?
  2. Going to see the doctor costs you nothing but time.
  3. I was looking for something more insightfull than that, havnt got much time to go doctors while im in work. esspecially as I dont get paid for time off for doctors.
  4. Bad chest pains? Tim's got it in one. See your doctor. Never mind how much time you've got.
  5. If you ate all 10 skittles, it may have been them rattling around inside your tummy causing referred pain. Plus these Coco Pops are lethal, try Golden Grahams instead, Thingy loves them! :lol:

  6. I had the same problem mate, I just gave up the running, and now I feel great.

    (By the way did I mention that I`m Seventy?)
  7. Lol it will defo be the last of both skittles and coco pops for me.
    However I cant say I like Golden Grahams (hope that doesnt offend thingy lmao)
    Think I will stick to the all bran.
    Im just hoping its nothing that could stop me from going to basic in may
  8. Seconded, do NOT ignore it.
  9. For what it's worth - I'll third that. I went to the Doc when I first started training again because of some chest pains. Turns out it was just my chest muscles being sore because I hadn't used them in ages!

    I'm guessing you don't want to go to the doctor incase you have something that will stop you from going to basic? Two things to note on that:

    1. It might be nothing, but you have to get it checked to stop yourself worrying about it if nothing else.

    2 If you do have something that stops you going to basic and you don't tell anyone, you'll just end up getting discharged later and you'll have wasted your and everyone else's time and money.
  10. Run it outta ye lad
  11. ok I went to the doctors this morning (missed an hour of work) and he believes it to be my chest bone not my heart.
    He said due the the way I run (i usually put my body at an angle) I am putting to much pressure on my chest bone.
    He said my heart is normal and that I just need to run in an upright position
  12. Which is something that most people on this site would not have been able to tell you as:
    A) Most of us aren't doctors
    B) We can't see you :thumright:

    Glad everything's ok, though. :)
  13. I'm really struggling to picture how you put pressure on your chest bone (Sternum?)when you run.....

    I personally use my feet.
  14. Yea , but not all four of them, Monti.
  15. 8O
  16. Yep,its running on all fours that does it.You see we are not really meant to use our forelegs any more as this can put pressure on the Sternum and the Stern-tube and this cause stress to the bearings causing yer shaft to go all funny
  17. I love people who run with such rediculous posture its funny to look at :p

    Funniest when people bounce when they run, they dont even realise theyre just bouncing up and down every step and probably knackering their legs out 10 times more than they have to!!
  18. well I do all my running on a treadmill as there isnt any good places to go running where im from, just council estates that your more likely to get in a fight then do any actull running.
    And my running posture is kind of hunched usually with my hands on the top of the treadmill. This is apparently what caused my chest pain.
  19. Really, really, really bad idea. :roll:
  20. Yer I have found out lol. I will change that tonight for my work out and see how it goes

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