Running of the Bulls

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by hobbit, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. It's that time of the year again in Espania when the mindless bastards goad and torment the magnificent bulls to the arena for eventual slaughter . Those running with the unfortunate creatures deserve to be injured or killed for participating in this torture of one of natures most mighty creations . Once in the arena the bull is subjected to a process of slow humiliation by the poofters dressed more suitably for a G & S presentation or brown hatters convention . Prodded and poked until that big hero plunges his sword into the heart of the now exhausted animal . Heros , entertainment , I think not , barbarity at its lowest , bastards .
  2. Strong words mate, and for what it's worth, I don't agree with cruelty to animals, and I do think that blood sports (bullfighting included) are barbaric.....but.....that's the way things are in Spain. The running of the Bulls at Pamplona's festival of San Fermin is a tradition that has been held by the town for hundreds of years, and it's unlikely to stop in the near future. You evidently have strong feelings on the issue mate, and I can respect that, but slagging off those who choose to take part, and thus who feel differently about the issue, is a little pointless.
  3. i agree totaly with you Hobbit.. how is it that in this day and age. this disgusting ""tradition "" is still happening....yes it may be part of thier culture... but so many other countries had these so called barbaric traditions yet have been made to stop or stopped because they new it was sickening.. How is it that spain has been alowed to maintain this...

    Having said that... as a species we cannot even treat our own kind with decent human kindness or respect so how can we look after the rights of the so called lesser species that have as much right to be here as we do.

    One day this will all come back and literally BITE US IN THE ASS.......
  4. Because of the huge income it brings in, rightly or wrongly.
  5. Run ashore in Barcelona, went to bullfight, cheered for the Bull, we were not popular bunnies. :w00t:
  6. There should be a link on the site to email your member of the Euro Parliament to vote aginst this ancient pathetic ritual.

    All the members I wrote to had already voted against this babrbaric sport?

    Only one actually wrote back in detail to my home address in the UK and that was the Liberaldemocrats guy. Stating about it not being a fair contest which they think it is. The bull is actually crippled by the horsemen in the leg muscles then the brave Matador or Toreador[Latin America Mexico] as he/ she is named moves in for the kill.

    Remember it is not only Spain who carry out this ritual Portugal and France also have bullfighting.

    Who amongst us remember Tommy Steele and sang along to the tune not realising what would actually happen to "The Little White Bull"

    TOMMY STEELE (Decca, 1959)
    From the film "Tommy The Toreador"

    Once upon a time there was a little white bull
    Very sad, because he was a little white bull
    (Little white bull)
    All the black bulls called him a coward
    Just 'cause he was white
    Only black bulls go to the bullring
    Only black bulls fight
    When he asked his mama if a little white bull
    (Little white bull)
    Ever had a chance of turning black
    His mama said, you silly little bull
    You're a pretty little bull
    You're my little bull
    So please don't ask me why, little bull
    You just ain't black!
    But this did not satisfy that little white bull
    (Little white bull)
    He was an exception to that little white rule
    (Little white rule)
    Everyday alone in the meadow, he'd find things to charge
    Till one day he really imagined, that his horns were large
    Bold as brass right then and then, the little white bull
    (Little white bull)
    Quickly found the nearest road to town
    And people said, what a funny little bull
    What a fluffy little bull, he's our little bull
    He marched along, a proud little bull
    And hit the town!

    It was the day of the bullfight, all the town were there
    Waiting to see the famous matador
    Trumpeters sounded a fanfare, tam-ta-da-dam-tam-taaa!
    Out from the throats of the crowd came a mighty roar
    Into the ring to the shout of a great olé (olé!)
    Came the parade, all prepared for a mighty fray
    Matadors and picadors and toreadors
    And who do you think as well?
    Trotting right behind them came the little white bull
    (The little white bull)
    How they laughed out loud to see the little white bull
    (Little white bull)
    Trotting 'round the giant arena, with his head up high
    Till the matador in the centre caught his tiny eye
    Charging right up to him went the little white bull
    (Little white bull)
    Charging twice and charging once again
    The matador cried, torro little bull!
    You're not a little bull, you're a brave little bull
    You're gonna be a great little bull
    The best in Spain!
    Then the crowd all shouted, torro little bull!
    You're not a little bull, you're a brave little bull
    You're gonna be a great little bull
    The best in Spain!
    So if you got a little bull, that's a white little bull
    It's quite possible that it might be the bull
    That's the best in Spain

    The farms where the bulls are reared claim a farming subsidy from the Euro farming pot!!

    Afraid I have to admit! I go fishing.



  7. Perhaps one of the most descriptive pieces of music appropriate for this subject is El Solo Toro or the Lonely Bull . Played by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass circa early '60s , this music is a haunting musical representation of the bull all alone in the ring facing death . I was unable to locate the lyrics but for anyone not familiar with the piece I recommend a listen to this masterpiece . Stimulating yet sad it is not difficult ( for me ) to be in the bull ring with the bull and and sense the fear , anger and frustration of the creature helpless against such a stacked deck . It is truly one of those tunes that lives with you once heard .
  8. To put bullfighting into context, have any of you visited either a slaughter house or seen how chickens are killed? Because the stunning method doesn't work very well most chickens (& other poultry) is literally scalded alive. :pissedoff: Then there's the cruel and utterly inhumane British practice of baby sailor baiting, you know, getting baby sailors to volunteer to be splash target Coxwains. Oooooh, it makes my blood boil! :biggrin:
  9. I thought in France they did it differently with many bulls in the ring and the players have to recover rossettes from the bulls horns, no killing or maiming just very accrobatic bull fighters.
  10. This is about bull-fighting although one could go on endlessly about human cruelty . The baby seals for example clubbed to death for someone to wear their fur . The bulls however are such proud fearless animals and worthy of respect imo . A lot of killing although cruel is done for food whereas the bulls are butchered for entertainment.
  11. Just watch any episode of The F-Word and you will witness your favourite scran being slaughtered...or prepared for slaughter; educational, but not even in the same debate as bullfighting, which is purely for 'entertainment'.

    Agree with maintaining the tradition and theatre of the 'contest', (for who are we to dictate to another culture what they should practice in their own country?) but a suitably theatrical ending could be achieved without killing the bull.
    However, if you are so offended by it, don't go to Spain...(see threads reference Muslims in Britain, you f'ing hypocrites!)
  12. Hobbit,

    Aren't the baby sailors blown out of the drink for entertainment? Who was it who said 'Unhappy Splash Targets, happy Coxwains, Happy Splash Targets, unhappy Coxwains!' Hehehehe!

    AAC (going round the bend)

    PS: I loath bullfighting, despite the fact that the one and only oil painting I did, was of a, er, bullfight!
  13. And sticking fouging great barbed hooks into fishes mouths and dragging them around the sea ain't cruel?


    didn't realise that, thanks for telling me!
  14. Maybe he meant Phishing? :wink:
  15. Must have been a while ago as bullfighting has been illegal in Catalunya for a while now.
    The main arena in Placa d' Espanya is being made into a shopping mall.
  16. Sussex, what is that unpainted Subbutio matelot doing in the drink in your avatar. I'm seriously concerned for his welfare!
  17. Did that in Malaga once, about 6 of us, every time the bull had a chance of goring the stupid idiot in tights we cheered, the stadium was barely filled. Watched 5 bulls get slaughtered...what fun...[​IMG] the locals were not impressed with us, but WTF we paid our way in.... :threaten:
  18. He is the Star Gazer or Star Catcher..
    In his hands he holds the stolen star and he looks upwards daring the heavens to berate him..
    He is anchored about 500 metres offshore and is the work of a local artist.
  19. He has now become the very object if desire to any Matelot on a run for Gizzits!
  20. He is at least 3 metres tall which would make him a bit hard to carry back on board...
    But I suppose where there is a will etc...

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