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Running Machine speeds?

Is this some kind of bite? Work it out, it really, really, isn't hard. :shock:

edit: a hint, at a 9 min mile and half pace, how far would you go in an hour....?
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just that when im road running im coming in at abount 8.50 but when i go on treadmillmy my time is 9.30ish and treadmill is maxed out might just be my gym? just wonderd what other people had it set at


Wow :) sorry for trying to be prepared some running machines are different/inaccurate jut tried to get a gauge of times. I'm pretty confident I'll pass but want to get a good time. Cheers for help anyway ;) x


How fast do I have to run in Knots to pass my mile and a half??
I have spent 20 minutes considering your question (looking it up on Google). My answer is that in order to complete the 1.5 run in 10:30 you would need to do it in 1.2779e-8 light years.

You're welcome.


War Hero
Set it to top speed, you go off for a coffee, come back later and there you have it you have achieved a sub 7 easily.


Quite easy. Here is my five point plan....

1. Set machine to "SoaS" speed whilst commenting that the fittie near the weights section is single and very friendly. This fittie being of course a plant.
2. Whilst instructor clubs is over speaking to the plant, step off the machine and get some water. Drink some, splash rest generously over yourself.
3. Await machine to indicate you are approaching 1.5miles. I tend to think 1.48 miles is a good indication. Step on and jog a little, only a little though, no need to actually break a sweat.
4. Shout over to the now drooling instructor clubs
5. You are congratulated on completing in 8 minutes. Evidence present:- machine timer, sweat, slight out of breath.

Be warned, my elaborate plan backfires when they then press you into service on a running team or ask you to be a demo for some eager new recruits.

Failing this, why not type into Mr Google or alternatively work it out as I am sure Speed/Distance/Time is a fairly fundamental aspect of what may await you in the future.

Good luck.


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Book Reviewer
I'd worry more about which type of iron you'll need to be honest. Running is the least of your problems.
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