running in the morning!

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by werqpr, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. Is it best to have some grub before a run? or after, I was thinking of going for a nice steady 1 hour jog then come back for breakfast or would it best to have it before?
  2. Before. A piece of watery fruit or something. Nothing too huge, as with any run.
  3. If you are fit, there is no need to exercise.
    If you are not fit then you shouldn`t do it.

    As someone who thinks that getting up so fukcing early in the morning( before lunch) I`m not able to help you, so, please feel free to throw this post into the waste paper bucket.
  4. I've started running every other morning before work, at about 6am. Haven't a clue what the best 'eating strategy' is. I once read it's best to run on an empty stomach if you wanna lose weight. I guess if you do it about an hour after a nice starchy meal, you'll be able to go for longer but won't burn off any fat if that's your intention.

    I personally get up, have a chug on some water, run, then have breakfast and go to work. I get back home from running absolutely destroyed - haven't a clue if it's actually better for my fitness to run when I've got energy or when I've just woken up and still have crusty pig eyes - to be honest I just assume that any form of running is better than not running.
  5. Go on the Royal Marines website and check the fitness routine out and tips on what to eat and when, helps me a lot!
  6. :roll:
  7. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    It depends on your goal. If it is solely weight loss, run on an empty stomach. If general fitness and not wanting to lose muscle mass, eat a light snack/breakfast before running.
  8. I run 4 miles every morning. Up at 0600 and on the road or if at sea, on the Tread mill, for 0630'ish after a strong cup of tea. Personally I found I cannot run at a decent pace if I have not long eaten.
  9. Always been a morning runner, out of bed, on with shorts and shoes a quick carp and into it.
    It kick starts the metabolism so is the ideal way to lose weight. I used to breakfast on a simple mueslli with a banana cut up, never bothered with low fat milk had the real stuff. A pint of black tea and I was set up for the day. I could usually get through till about 1400 before I started to feel peckish, so I snacked on grapes and almonds. Evening meal was usually a stir fry, lean meat, plenty of vegies with garlic and chillies. No sweets!!
    When I joined I was 125 lbs 22 years later I was 143 lbs.
    Guess I am one of the lucky ones :)
  10. I usually run first thing in the morning - mainly because I seem to have more energy. I don't usually have breakfast before I go, it makes me feel sick even if I just have an apple or orange, but then again even if I don't run I can't eat much before 7am anyway. Seems to work for me, though at the moment Im only running 1.5-2miles, I suppose when I increased that I may well find I need some food to sustain the energy levels.
  11. Completely agree with Jen_M. If I eat before running then I hurl.

    Someone who's into protein shakes and the like will probably say it is important, but I think it's fine tuning. The run is the important bit.
  12. Hey, I've been running for years now. Personally I think it's different strokes for different folks. I do about 4 miles before work, and I'm the same as Jen and mad doc. If I eat, even something small, I feel sluggish. If I run on an empty stomach, I go like Linford Christie (minus the lunch box). However, my ex was a bootneck, and he wouldn't attempt a run without his brecky. He would try to make me eat, because he apparently knew best! But as I said, it's down to each individual. Good Luck!
  13. LOL, ran hard for many years on an empty belly and now am paying for it. Waiting for a knee replacement. I can't friggin wait....Now, where did I put my running tennies?
  14. You're getting a knee replacement because you ran on an empty belly?
  15. Eat before you run, but make sure you wake up early enough to let it settle. Eat a banana and a slice of wholemeal toast or something not too heavyweight. If you are running for an hour in the morning you should definately square away a dump, so have a really strong mug of coffee to help things along. I once got caught short on a very public road, and took an emergency poo bent double against a tree with a nettle securely placed against my ricker 8O
  16. Haha! God thats unlucky but good advice! :D
    Yeh i try and get up most morning round about 6 when its nice and quiet, and all i eat beforehand is a banana. I drink lots of water or fruit juice when ive finished with my proper breaky! It works well for me.
  17. Orange juice, water and/ or protein shake with skimmed milk ( not together obviously) before running, just line your stomach, get some liquid down your kneck and that should do it.Trial and error, you know your own body.
  18. Where have you been Dear Dear Scouserbog. :oops:
  19. hi there
    would you guys recommend an early morning run, say before work and then possibly another in the evening in the same day, im only talking 2miles approx on each run??
  20. HA! I've finally sussed you out! You're that contemptible not-so-closet road-crapper Paula aren't you?! :lol:

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