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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Zoidberg, Jun 27, 2009.

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  1. Is it fcuking stupid or is it worth a shot?

    My logic is that it adds resistance so I'll find it easier when running in trainers
  2. It's good - as long as your running is ok in trainers and you feel you don't have the willpower to just run further or faster. If you're crap in trainers then don't bother with boots. Personally I'd just run for longer.

    If you feel you must, then make sure they're broken in properly or you'll have blisters that will take ages to shift and will therefore set your training back.
  3. Cheers doc. My running technique is ok in trainers, cardio could use some work but that's where I'm hoping the boots will help.

    Been wearing them for about 3 weeks constantly so I hope I've all the blisters I'm going to get :D
  4. Just went in them. It was hellish. Can't remember when I last sweat like that from running and it only added 90 seconds onto my time- 12:15 (with boots).

    Blisters are huge, cracking out the zinc oxide tape. Overall a good experience :lol:
  5. From an old hand who was running marathons before it was fashionable.Also done London to Brighton twice;- It just makes you good at running in boots.
  6. Is it normal for your legs to become suddenly painful with boots, by any chance?
  7. Fcuking hell Tim your joining the RN not the RM run in trainers mate as your fcuk yourself up bigtime otherwise!!
  8. Unless you have to, or you're struggling to smash a CFT, don't. You will fcuk yourself in.
  9. I was doing it (partially) as I don't have the time to do all the walking. I figured if I run in them then it'd be equivalent.

    Oh well, can't blame me for trying.
  10. Good effort for trying mate but it might be counter productive!!!
  11. At this stage I can safely say it hurts.
  12. Run in trainers, matelots in boots find it hard enough walking. 8O :lol:
  13. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I believe, though standing by to be corrected, that running in boots contributes to shin splints . So not a good idea to do it unecessarily.
  14. I tried it once but they thought I'd been shoplifting.
  15. Not finding it any harder than in trainers, it was just very sore today.
  16. Maybe, but NZ_B said 'matelots', so it doesn't apply to you.
  17. Well played. I assumed (for some reason) he meant "potential".
  18. NZ Bootneck is right, we matelots can't really run in trainers or walk in boots, however when it comes to chasing after a bus in stilettos, we truly are kings (or maybe its just me.)

    Running in good, broken-in boots is, as pointed out previously, only good for making you run better in boots. Use trainers, and run either further or faster (its so simple it must be true.)

    Declaration of interest: I generally only run in prep for an RNFT, rest of the time spent rowing and cycling - absolute bastard in heels!
  19. Anybody can be uncomfortable!!!!

    In other words do you need to run in boots?

    Only time I ever run in boots was the time Lympingstone was beckoning.

    Every Sunday I ran a half marathon or ten miler. In trainers I may add!

    I won't mention the time I forgot me walking boots and did a fourteen miler in wellies I bought from the local shop! Boots are for walking!!!!
  20. I know i'm a bit late on the thread,
    but i also run in boots (cue the anti running in boots brigade) but as angry doc said if your techniques good and you're fit enought and they're well broken in you'll be fine,

    also look at the lacing technique, lace up the bottom 3 eyes and the speedlace lock as normal, cross over to the the opposite lug 1 row higher, then take the straight us the remaining 2 eyelets, the lace from top back down to the ankle in the normal criss cross manner, result, more ankle support and less constriction on your shins, ie lower chance of shin splints, cant lace like that in basic i've been told, but for doing your own runs give it a try.

    Also fill a rucksack with 30 kilo's of kit, and take a naked hike in the middle of the night wearing nothing but boots and some EMS Shorts, (these contract your muscles involuntarily) so you take a step and your leg locks out and you fall over:D if you can take that beating, make it a full 20 miles in 4 hours, get home and pull the thorns out of your shrunken member you may have what it takes to either be a bootneck, a legionaire, or be assigned to mental hospital :) hope that helps you with you booted runs :D

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