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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by dave_w, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys just wondering if anyone could give me some advice when ever i seem to start running on a treadmill after about 3 minutes of running i get a pain in my left leg and fells like my ankle has locked up ive seen the doctor about this before regarding the right leg and he sujested it was shin splints however ive rested etc and nothing has helped any information would be great on getting rid of this stupid pain lol.
  2. I've had shin splints, still occassional twinge. I also suffered from a numb foot. However since getting correct running shoes to suit me from a specialist my numb foot has gone and I hardly suffer from the splints.

    However I'm not an expert. But I would build yourself up slowly, really slowly so the tendons etc can get used to running again and get your gait checked make sure you have the right shoes.

    That's what I suggest. Someone else will might suggest something else.
  3. You may want to get yourself to a gait-analysis specialist to check that you are not putting excessive strain on your ankle by running like a flid. Perhaps try an insole which provides some heel and arch support. Accupuncture might also be worth considering if conventional treatments don't seem to be working for you.
  4. excuse my stupidity whats a gait-analysis and i probably do run like a fat retard chasing a cream pie some days
  5. Bascially a running specialist will video your legs and feet as you run on the treadmill from that they can see how you are running and what is working and how. From that they can tell whether supernate or overpronate or a neutral runner and therefore recommend the type of trainer which would be more suited to the way you run.

    I'm an overpronater and now own Saucony Omni 8's and they're brill for me. My right achilles no longer twists. They're comfortable, I no longer get numb foot and my shin splints have reduced. I'm running miles and miles 6 days a week
  6. Gait analysis can be as simple as having someone watch you run on a treadmill and monitoring hw your foot falls. It can be as complex as having pressure sensors put in your footwear and monitoring every last detail.

    If you have flat/high arches, tight achilles tendons etc it can change the way your foot falls and can lead to fatigue in muscles not usually expected to take such strain.

    Or you could just man up :D
  7. yeah im trying the man up approahbut dont wanna do any long term damage and stop me from getting into the navy and will see about gait-analysis tomorrow.
  8. Very sensible mate. Get some advice before its too late!!
  9. excuse my even more ignorence is it a case of going through the yellow pages or will my gym have information about it.
  10. Where are you in the UK mate???

    If your going to get a gait analysis then make sure you go to someone that is recommended to you as there are alot of cowboys out there!!

  11. swindon,wiltshire
  12. Ah okay. If you were in the Midlands then i could of recomended someone for you.

    Sorry dude
  13. I'm lucky there is a good running specialist in Helston I used. Don't know any in Swindon so can't help ya
  14. ha thanks guys a quick google search through up a few will take a visit to a few of them tomorrow
  15. Did you click the link I left ?.
  16. i did looked very good although no swindon branch may hop over to there if i have no luck with the one in swindon.
  17. It is worth a long journey to get proper advice. I travel 4 hours to get my boots fitted and I'm grateful that I do every time some moustachio'd cnut tells me to start doubling.
  18. Altberg? Or Jimmy Choo?
  19. Bed room attire is Jimmy Choo (obviously); Altberg for everything else. Fcking AMAZING. Just broke in another pair. I have a full custom pair with extra padding on the tongue and all sorts of other changes. I bet your lot are exclusively shod in that gear mate (jimmy choo that is, you bunch of hermers :p )

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