Running Drunk....

It must be an art....

A good friend and royal said "mate,you gotta get used to running drunk" knowing that i had my pre joining fitness test coming up nearly 48 hours later and decided to get me completely and utterly wrecked....

I can drink quite abit to be fair and i get drunk less than 12 times a year so my recovery rate for my hang overs is pretty shit as i dont have much practise...

So the next day,wake up just as drunk as when i arrived home.....1st time for me so i know my intake was rather large of vodka.....

head feels like tyson just kicked me in the face and elbowed me in the worries i thought,a day to recover....

Next day after puking and chest feels as inflated as a piece of paper side on....PJFT has arrived,shower,food...2 hour break then walk to gym...
basically start running and holy ****,felt smashed,like a merlin engine was infront of me pushing me backwards....nearly puked and gave up with 600 metres to go....
I know,piss poor effort guys and feel ashmed to type this but how in gods name do you run whilst still pissed and not collapse in a pile of your own piss and puke????


Lantern Swinger
Ha Ha don't try and sober up too much, that way you won't feel the pain
We called a troop run ashore before 45's BFT last year "only beefers do the BFT sober" actually got my bestest time???
It's definately a skill acquired through constant practise


Lantern Swinger
The real trick is to stay at the front! You get stuck behind a troops worth of beer breath and you'll never make it! :) Get up front and run in the clear air.
Just be sure to take your racing spoon with you, you wouldn't want to miss out on the best bits of your pavement pizza because you were ill prepared.
Oh sorry, that was just 'animal runs'
Sorry Jewell - can't quite figure out what you're telling us for. Surely not sympathy? Sounds like a clear cut case of self inflicted!

deffo not sympathy...abit of banter,thats all mate.

animal runs hahaha....

one royal was so disgusted he gave me a light jab to the kidney.....put me on one knee for a good minute...i will have my vengance....
Bit of a daft idea really getting pissed up before going to CTCRM, nevamind mate always next time. NZB what is an animal run I asked a recruiter who was up my uni and he just laughed and said "IF you get in I promise you wont forget them" :dontknow:
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