Running barefoot better than running shoes??

Just watched on news and read an article a while ago in a newspaper about a new study by a uni Loughborough (spelling) saying it's far better for people to run in barefoot than using the best shoes.

I've just thought they wouldn't say that if they watched my gait barefooted lol My achilles tendon was all over the place. Having the correct shoe has sorted my running out.

Also do they really think running on roads in barefoot is really sensible? lol
I remember reading about this a while ago in Runners World. Seemed strange at the time, but lots of people swear by it. Zola Bud was not so impressed though when she got Deckers spikes in her foot.

The Wail I know but interesting article here...

I think I would be too worried about the stones, horse crap etc and sticks to focus on the running, would be okay I guess on a beach or a track where you would be pretty sure there is no rubbish. I think I remember from the article you have to build up to it to let you feet harden, don't go straight out and do a cross country 15 miler. I guess the original cavemen didn't have Nike trainers when running from dinosaurs except maybe Raquel Welch in One Million Years BC

It'd probably be pretty hard on the knees too in the long term, with nothing to cushion the impact. I had an MA instructor who insisted that we always wear trainers for the warm up for that reason.
Gadget said:
It'd probably be pretty hard on the knees too in the long term, with nothing to cushion the impact.
If you give running barefoot a try on tarmac, you will find that you automatically land on your ball of foot. That's where the calves come into play, naturally absorbing the shock.
If you are an heel striker, you won't land heel first for very long running barefoot on tarmac. Massive shock waves are sent up the legs and into the hips. It's not very comfortable.

Give it a try on a nice clean stretch of tarmac, it's not as bad or painfull as it sounds. Just don't try it for more than about a mile, you will be walking like a penguin the day after. :lol:
Lol- the MA I was referring to is Tae Kwon Do- so I often end up walking around a bit like John Wayne anyways! I have some MA trainers which are basically somewhere between unstudded football boots and glorified socks, so I might try running a bit in those- similar to barefoot, but I live near an artificial lake, so due to the combination of dogs, geese, swans, ducks rats etc the place is litterally plastered in seven shades of s***! No such thing as clean tarmac round here!
The foot is designed/evolved over a bloody long time to walk/run bare foot, on damp sand, earth etc. any , up to a point, any deviation from normalcy would be compensated for by the earth.

As the speed of the gait increases it charges from heel strike to landing on the 5th met head streatching the achiles tendon, soleus and gastrocnemus muscles, as the foot rolls round past the 4th met head the subtalar joint locks up preventing further tension in the biomechanical chain. as the weight transfers past the 3rd MH the subtalar joint unlocks allowing the foot to power off for the next stride.

The wearing of shoes alters the gait and biomechanical chain and heel strike when running can cause, if there is insufficient cushioning in the shoe, Plantar fasciitis(damage to the tendons of the plantar muscles of the foot at their origin on the calcanium) from which recovery can take ages.

So its trainers designed for road running with insoles if necsesary for the training runs not forgeting warm ups warmdowns and streatching outs.

Also running on the road on your toes in trainers you will look like you are mincing :lol: best keep that for the holls and the beach.
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