Running around the upper scupper

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by dapperdunn, Jun 16, 2016.

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  1. zum.jpg Good luck with that
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  2. I can't create threads while at work although I can view them. So I have to use my mobile to create it and then finish it off on my computer :)
  3. The flight deck will be full of wannabe woos sunbathing, instead of real woo's only sunbathing under the pretence that the ship is at flying stations :)
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  4. (a)Why is the front of the boat upside down?
    (b)Who nicked the guns?
    (c)What's this 'running' of which you speak?
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  5. Had to remove the guns for the "Flight Rations" magazine ;)
  6. The guns are there, trusssssst meeee... muwhahahaha :D:p
  7. Apparently her Mk57 Vertical Launching system houses some 80 missiles to engage Air, Land and Sea targets,. To that end, the missile pods are scattered throughout the outer shell of the ship as part of the Peripheral Vertical Launch System. Apparently. :)
  8. The picture hadn't loaded when I looked at it, hence the ??.

    Nice target, should slip beneath the waves with hardly a ripple :)

    Just googled it and it's the USS Zumwalt!! Cost of £3.6Bn, the QE class carriers are £3.1Bn so the Yanks have been ripped off :)
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  9. Aye. Like them Dreadnaught things. Told them they would never succeed...:)
  10. It will sink with lots of screams as the WAFU's get wet whilst sunbathing
  11. Its funny you should say that, as they are calling them the new Dreadnaughts!
  12. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Quite, they were going to build 32 of them but they are cripplingly expensive, and they really don't even want to complete the 2 0r 3 others that are in build.
  13. The R&D for it was $22.5Bn :eek:
  14. You say tomato,I say tamato...That will be why they were such a disaster then. Spelt wrong...;)
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