Running? and how to meet the required time?

Hello everyone,
I have been running recently, ( started before christmas) , and im finding it hard to try and meet the required time. Im not fat, slim, but i have never really ran.
so i have been practicing on my local running track. I can get about 12 minutes. doing 2.4 KM.
But im taking that the running track is 400 metres? for one lap?
It doesnt actually say down there.
So is there anyway i can increase my performance? like different exercises? Would be very happy to know some :)
Also on a treadmill, what level do you need to keep on to reach the required time?
Many thanks,


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I am anticipating my PJFT quite soon so am doing lots of training. I find you need to run about 8mph on a treadmill to complete the run quite comfortably, but I hit the time required in about November so haven't actually timed myself properly for a while. My best time then was about 10 min 30 secs at 8mph with 9mph bursts, but I've probably improved on that since.

I've never ran on a track, I think treadmills are easier to gauge it.
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Running is awesome, although is quite easy to get stuck in a rut - typically people will run much the same distance, over the same few routes, and whilst you will see some improvement (especially as you're new to it), you will quickly plateau.

The best thing I could advise you to do is to join your local running club. Pound to a pinch, they'll meet at your running track, but they'll do more than just slow(ish) steady runs. You'll want to mix it up, with intervals, longer runs, tempo runs, hill work etc etc. The other good thing about running with a club is the fact that on those days you really can't be arsed, there'll be a host of people around you running, and you'll find some inspiration from them.


Treadmills are ****. Fact. Start fartlek training and watch your times tumble. Google it and get amongst it.
Monty is on the ball there. When I was training for my Army ADSC (before I saw the light!) Fartlek training helped chew the minutes off my run times. 2 distance runs per week combined with a fartlek session a week works pretty well. Hill sprints are quite useful too
I run often, did 8 miles last night, and similar again tonight.

My advice is do sprints and interval training. This will build your cardio quickly.
I also use to aim to run 2miles in my allotted time 11.13, then when I ran 1.5miles it was a walk in the park! The fastest pass I had was 7mins 34secs so it works.

Fartlek is the way forward to increase your stamina and speed. Used to blow my mate away when I was into road racing in the eighties he never used the fartlek training. The idea is pick a point run at max speed then slow down to your normal speed and use this as your recovery period do this a few times each evening/day remember train don't strain ignore all that celeb feel the burn crap. Pick a steep hill or bridge sprint up and use the downward return as your recovery. None of your mamby pampy rest period crap.
Practice on tread mill is quite good, sets a pace for you. Just try and keep that pace on the road/track and you'll be laughing. Lift your knees!


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Hi Aidan,

As you admit to being new to running then i suggest you learn to run properly in the first place. Why? because it will make you a faster, more efficient runner and with any luck you will not have fcuked up knees when you are in your 40's.

Get some appropriate trainers from a proper running shop. Are you a pronator or supinator? a proper shop will give you the correct shoes

Your local running club will/should have a 'coach' who can advise you on proper technique and style of running

if you just stick on any shitty old pair of trainers and start cracking the miles off you will suffer for it later on in life and you will never be as fast a runner as you can be.

hope this helps


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The RNFT/PJFT @ Raleigh are both ran outside, so treadmills are pretty pointless, if you can't run outside for some reason, add an incline. Another tip is to try run more than the requirement because @ Raleigh you'll be running more than 1.5miles anyway although it's not graded. Good Luck!


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I've taken the advice of the ones rubbishing the treadmill. I do a mixture of treadmill and road now, the latter being a lot better if you can find a hill, and the fartlek idea is good for increasing speed. In fact I've been running outside all week, and went to the gym once today to record my time and I had already improved.
I would like to throw another spanner in the works. If you are running your 2.4 k flat out you are more than likely capable of going further just at a slower pace. Although that don't mean don't run long distances, its still good to do the odd long one every so often as its good conditioning. It really depends if you can fit your training in around your life style. As I work shifts I tend to only do a couple of miles but more frequent and once in a while I would throw in a 10 miler. Also don't forget strength training as this also helps to improve your running.
ok, thanks guys,
I will try that tonight when i get home!
I have read up about Fartlek ( speed play ) training,
But how long should you leave it between you start a sprint again?
I mean, the more experienced would be able to get there breath back much quicker than me?
So is it when i have recovered? or a 30 second cool down period then sprint again?

Thanks :)

Treadmills are not ****, they are good at setting a pace for yourself for the 2.4km run.
Cardiovascular activity of any sort will help towards the time goal. Try Spinning classes 3 times per week...600 to 800 calories burned. Then do or machine as weights burn more calories than most people think and the point is maybe not to bulk up but to keep yourself trim and toned. finish off with a 2.4km run on treadmill to set a pace. 15km per hour will see you at the 9min 30sec mark.
This combines cardio and muscular activity, reducing weight and keeping your resting heartbeat at a good level (aim for 60 beats per min) resting. Check your blood pressure..average 120 over 80.
Most important is to eat healthy...My colleagues cant understand how i whip them at the 2.4km run and bleep test and they do double training as me. I eat healthy. It works. FACT!!! My inner body isn't full of rubbish.
I started running on treadmill 2.4km at 10mins 20 secs. 3 times a week. 6 weeks later......8mins 10 secs.
2.4 km run i ran it in 11mins dead. 6 weeks later.....9mins 21. Completely from treadmill training.


Yes, Treadmills are ****. Which is why we hardly use them. You will naturally see a benefit of sorts from any kind of cv training, but they are absolutely no substitute for proper running of any kind. It's simple, common fact.

For christs sake get outdoors. If you had then after six weeks your mile and a half time wouldn't be so shit.
I have managed to slash 30 seconds off my 2.4KM Run :) , but i am obviously going to keep this up, and get it down to 9Mins 30 secs! :) i know it will be hard, but it will will be deffinately rewarding! :) . ( My current time is 11.09 )
I havent ran on a treadmill since before christmas, and i can definately say that road running and at my local running track is far more enjoyable for me, but thats personal preference i guess.
also, what time are you required to run the 2.4KM run at the end of basic?

Many thanks :)

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