Runners Knee

Hey guys,

I've been training since May, and have come along in leaps and bounds with my running.

Recently I entered a race and really gunned it. Since then I've been having some problems. Both my knees locked up post race (insufficient warm down and cramped journey home). The pain was on the outer side of the leg/knee.

I was told by friends that running so far for so long on the pavement will be why I'm in pain. I read about Runners knee and the friction of the tendon/ligament against the knee, the symptoms seem the same.

My left knee is fine. But I'm finding when I go out for a run, my right knee/leg gets very painful and I am unable to run any significant distance

Has anyone come across this before and can give some advice? I'm doing Raleigh early next year and would rather not have any complications.

It's gotten quite cold quite quickly so I'm trying to extend my warm ups.



It could be anything from a muscle sprain/strain to a tear in the cartilage of the knee. Probably more likely to be the former.

Have you taken any anti-inflammatories (eg ibuprofen)? Whatever the problem is, they will reduce the inflammation and should make things better. Try some non-impact exercise for the next week or so (eg cross-trainer) then build up. If it's still giving probs then a spot of physio may help to work out which (if any) ligament has been strained. If this doesn't help then off you go to your GP for referral to an orthopaedic clinic.
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