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Runner's Knee - How to fix ASAP?

I am a high school male who will be a senior this fall. After a breakout season last year, I've known for awhile I would be my team's #1 runner this fall. I took a two week break from running, and began summer training in mid June. I and some friends did a local 5K on June 17th and on our warmup run I noticed a mild burning feeling below my left kneecap. I stupidly decided to run anyway, not thinking it was a big deal. I felt pain for the first mile then it went away, I ran a time of 16:57. Which I was very satisfied with considering my PR is 16:13, and it made me think whatever was causing my knee pain was not a big deal. Two days later, I tried to go on my Long run and could only make it 35 minutes before I decided it wasn't worth risking further injury. I took four days off and when I returned it was the same as it was before, after another three days off, I tried going for an easy 30 mins and the pain was very mild. The next day I went for another easy run and the pain was almost gone. I thought I was finally improving and would be able to continue training but it just got worse as the week went on. All my runs have been


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Your profile says you are 43?
Is there a question in your post or do you need help joining the Royal Navy?


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A very old student if 43 and reading your first sentence I would guess an American.

I think you've stumbled on to the wrong site mate!


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Given that his/her previous comments were all about giving medical advice to others I'm sure that we can take all this with pinch of salt.

Anyone know a good Orthopaedic surgeon? That was one of their posts, along with raising the knee in the air and yoga.
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