Runner's Knee and taping

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by JonnoJonno, Apr 15, 2010.

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  1. Hello you lot

    I've picked up a niggle in my right knee. I think this 'pose' method of running has basically given me a muscle imbalance and my quads are no where near as strong as they should be (my calf muscles and hamstrings are very strong). As a result I've got a sensation of instability and slight pain on the inside of my knee. It really doesn't 'hurt' as such, but I would like to fix it before it turns into an injury.

    Before I get to the gym and start working on the quads I need to rest it and make sure it doesn't get worse. I'm going to have a week off running and get some swimming done. Has anyone used taping as a way of supporting the joint during this time? If you have, did it do more good than strapping it up?

    Thanks, you scoundrels.
  2. I'd not normally comment here, being a civvie and all that...

    But I had something very similar sounding, and it started after a run. Like you I couldn't afford an injury as I'm renovating a knackered house and rely on moving heavy materials like a ton of concrete at a time ;->

    See your physio. I did and she diagnosed the kneecap was slightly out of position - easily corrected with some exercises to stretch certain ligaments and strengthen particular muscle groups.

    But it's not something I would attempt to try a homebrew remedy - the physio can see exactly what's wrong and can come up with the right regime to fix it. Results were rapid in my case.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks mucker. I'm sure that I have muscle imbalance (it is a common complaint with this style of running, especially as I have not been doing any other exercise other than running). I have just put on a knee brace which centres the patella and it's fixed the niggle completely.

    Now I need to build up the strength in my quads.
  4. SQUATS!

    Exercise of the gods!

    Deadlifts are, of course, the closest contender for that title. Though not so useful for your particular problem.

    As always, seek medical advice first. If your knees are truly buggered, resistance training may not be the smartest thing.
  5. At the moment I think I would curl out my lower intestines if I did that! Cheers for the link.
  6. A valid concern. More than once I have had to roll the weight off my back and set a new personal best sprinting/waddling for the heads.
  7. Knee injury the curse of a runner! I feel your pain Jonno!
  8. Cheers Tommo! I've been on 6 miles a day for the last two weeks just loving this new style. I have a feeling I pushed a bit too hard and lost some of the technique.

    When done properly this style essentially gets rid of pronation; but when I lost technique (tired calves I think) I started landing badly, which grated the patella a little.

    Feeling better today already so fingers crossed it's not a baddun :)

    You got rid of the niggles Tommo?
  9. Not 100% no fella. It's strange one. I seem alright up to about 8 miles then I get the niggles then it goes I run through it further. Then the niggles hurt for a day after the long run and then it's fine.

    Bit gay, but speaking to people in the know, it's a common thing and people run through it and live it. Curse of runners
  10. Good luck with it! Have you had it diagnosed?
  11. Not officially no. It's not a major problem just annoying during very long runs. Will see how it goes after marathon as I will be able to let my body recover fully after.
  12. What's this technique then? Looks like mid/forefoot striking just ahead of the hips from the videos I can see? If so, it's similar to what barefoot runners have been advocating for some time now.

    The (ultra-marathon/iron man) runner who got me into barefoot/lightweight shoe running said that initially you should run no more than 0.5-1 mile/day, then up it by about 10% every week, mainly to build the correct muscles and avoid injury. If you've been running in heavy padded shoes and heel-striking then it's not an easy transition.

    Oh, and I'm sure there's a joke here about home taping and the damage it can cause to the record industry.
  13. Barefoot running essentially, yes. I run some distance in barefeet to strengthen the muscles in my foot, with the rest of the distance in these:

    My feet and calves are REALLY strong, but because I've been sitting on my arse setting up servers for the last two weeks, and have not been doing any other exercise other than running 6 miles a night, my quadriceps are massively imbalanced.

    The one problem with this technique is it can be so much fun you find yourself running more than you should. I don't typically run at all fast but can maintain 7-8 minute miles cross country for 6 miles whilst breathing through my nose. It's fun!
  14. I can commiserate there... My feet are weak, but my quads/calves are pretty strong, mainly from weightlifting.

    I can run decently in padded shoes (paying close attention to striking correctly) but can only barely pass the PJFT barefoot. Working on that now though, got a programme of stretches/exercises that are paying dividends. Hoping to be able to ditch these trainers in 4 months or so, ideally.
  15. I have a similar pain after running, I spoke to a physio over a beer and she reckoned it was lack of muscle support either side of kneecap. she checked this by making me do a single leg squat (ooh er matron), down till pain then up again, keeping the knee pointed over the second toe, trying to keep your balance. i wobbled like a stoker doing a math test. am now waitng for referral to private physio through health insurance.

    was a bit worried when she checked my colon though.......................... :roll:
  16. Looks like I have a mild touch of Patello-Femoral pain.

    I'm strengthening the knee joint, and am looking for any advice (probably from the Doc and Booties) on recommended knee joint exercises.

    I'm swimming, leg squats and some machine work at the gym. Anything which you guys have used which works would help.

    Cheers, and 'hoofing' (insert wherever the hell that's supposed to be used) :D
  17. Don't play with things you don't understand...
  18. Hoofing response :wink:

    Liking the Swiss ball stuff. I have a balance ball which I'll bring into play.

    I do some cycling but on lower resistance so will up it a little. Cheers hoofing people that was hoofing.

    Yours hoofing
  19. linky

    you mean like this jonnojonno? ouch!

    edited, WARNING graphic picture, let hope no ones eating :confused4:
  20. That should come with a warning :puke:

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