Runcorn News: "RN Reservist Pete Crimmins Steps Down After Three Decades"

Mmmmm, no comments after 24 hrs???? Now Crimmo is very well known throughout the RNR so why does no body want to praise the fella on here?
Never met him or even heard of him but BZ to the lad - sounds like he fronted up when called upon to do so and gave of his best whilst doing so.
Had the opportunity of working with him and attending various weekends with him. He's a top bloke who will go to the ends of the earth for the guys on his team. Best of luck for the future Crimmo!


Lantern Swinger
Pete was much talked about for lots of reasons. I personally had nothing but good times when he was around. Pete always knew how to sniff out a run ashore and had many stories told of him over the years, but he was always totally committed to the cause and as such stands out as one of the legends of the RNR. Pete's biggest assets were simply being a character who was larger than life and being able to sniff out gizzets from the darkest corners of the globe.

Love him or not, he will be missed within the organisation (although knowing how many lives he has I wouldn't be surprised to see him again!). All the best Pete!
All the best to Pete, spent many a year listening to his dits. When we were all deployed to the Gulf in 2003,ne was deployed to a field hospital in the desert and he filled a paddling pool with water and got himself in Navy news but what it didn't say was he got a B*****g due to inviting every Mosquito from a 100 mile radius for a bath haha. Look after yourself shipmate from all your friends at Eaglet
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