run your car on water??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by chockhead819, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. does this really work, can any of you engineers confirm?

    download click on the free button.
  2. Unable to check as the IT fun police are blocking the page. Theoretically it is possible. If you can separate the hydrogen and oxygen in the H2O then you can burn the hydrogen. The resultant emission is.....hydrogen. The chemical process is very complicated and would probably mean that the machinery involved would be massive, necessitating a huge car possibly towing a bowser to carry all the water required.

    And just think how much water would cost........
  3. ... its already more expensive than beer in some places!

  4. Theoretically? Electrolysers are old and proven bits of kit.

    Complicated chemical process? Simply get some demineralised water, zap it with some electrickery, and hey presto, oxygen and hydrogen gas appear. Separate them with a filter, and bottle them. What could be simpler?

    The resultant emission, by the way, is Hydrogen Oxide, not Hydrogen!

    Cost? Demin water costs about £3.50 for 5 litres.
  5. I understand that it probably takes more energy to make the hydrogen from water than you can get back by making water from hydrogen
  6. Most definately! However, if one were to use a large plant to bottle the gas, then it could be powered by a 'green' source of energy, such as a nuclear reactor.
  7. It all looks a bit like Snake Oil to me. These alternative fuel ideas seem to get dusted of every time there is a crisis with claims the car manufacurers or oil companies have been trying to suppress the idea for years.
  8. [Deleted]
  9. JC
    I meant that to make it economically viable for a car it would be complicated. The question was can you run your car on water? Not "can you run your car on hydrogen after the water has been separted into its constituent elements?"
    If it's that easy, why isn't it happening now?
  10. Just google HHO or start reading from.....

    esp the references...

    Short version...NO it doesnt work, at least as "free energy" from water. Either the metal hydride or carbides are actually the fuel, or the H2^ is not soley the fuel source like a fuel cell vehicle.
  11. Thinks: 'Hindenburg "Oh! The humanity!"'
  12. Youre not far wrong, if any of the H2 generators actually work (electrolysis etc), they are using a mason jar and some rubber tube, to route the gas to the intake or manifold. Since a buildup of hydrogen anywhere near your 700degC exhaust would result in a brief and exciting discovery of the flashpoint and rapid and uncontrolled rate of reaction of hydrgoen "burns with a squeaky pop", I might suggest it would be safer to pour petrol directly onto a naked flame and watch the results.
  13. I thought you meant like:


    Aunty Betty's fun police have locked me out too.
  14. Then I stand corrected. Maybe I should read more of those exciting engineering journals.
  15. There is a scheme in Iceland by the Icelandic government to encourage the use of alternative fuels in vehicles there. When I was in Reykjavik a couple of years ago I was shown* a "filling station" where customers with hydrogen powered cars could re-fuel. Cars themselves cannot electrolyse hydrogen and water into their constituent elements as the electricity needed to do so is too great.

    PS: It looks like you've been following the ? thread where the aircraft are all hydrogen powered the hydrogen fuel cells providing back-up power. ;)

    *I usually visit alternative fuel sites when abroad - I visited my first CHP plant on the Danish island of Fyn in the late 1980s. :lol:
  16. I run mine on agricultural diesel ,cheap as chips.
  17. Is that Red Diesel the fuel or Diesel the cologne?

  18. The cheapest one.
  19. Fink...beware the Police are hot on red diesel misuse....there's a hefty fine and your car/van/truck gets confiscated and crushed.
  20. Tractor?

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