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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by gazbo1988, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. hello there fellow newbies,

    just a quick question, i was wondering what time are you currently running your 1.5 mile in. im currently getting 9:30mins!

    .... and a question to the guys who have been through Raleigh, what was the average run and bleep test times that people were getting when you was there?

    i know its an annoyance with these questions but its nice to have some kind of inclin what i'll have to face when im down there.

    thanks gareth
  2. jesus ive got some running to do then lol its harder to shift 14.7 stone lol what you like for the press up and sit up test?
  3. just keep pounding the miles out eat properly you'll shift that 14 stone and improve your times
  4. I fall down on the press-ups & sit-ups, 30/41, so bare passes really. Upper body strength needs some work. :/


    EDIT: Cool, got me's one of them badge things under my name. My life's exciting.
  5. well in a min i can do 77, but after finding out you after do it to a beep i can do it till the tape ends which is about 40 and sit ups are about 50! i think i am quite fit already just have to keep running. i want to be in the top bracket fitness wise while im down there my time needs to come down.
  6. Good stuff, stick at it!
  7. are you waiting on an entry date mate, what you going in as?
  8. 9 min for a 14 stone person is pretty good.
  9. cheers daffy,

    im ex rugby player, (union not league.. league's shit) that's a yorkshire saying that, so ive always been fit. i just dont want average times when im down there. i havent been training for months for average times lol
  10. thanks soleil,

    i know all the fitness time from the RNAC and i came second for the 1.5 run then but there was only 15 of us then just wondering where my time would sit when there is 40 of us.
  11. everyone is different. If you want to pass by 3 mins do so. For some just passing is a big achievement from where they were. Every class of entrants is different.
  12. BRNC end of April, X(SM). Was due to go to Raleigh 6th June though. Good luck with your training!

    As Tommo said, pass as well as you like, if you're competitive then strive towards shaving off the seconds. Better to be much quicker/stronger/fitter than required though, could make training easier and (gasp!) enjoyable.
  13. Done mine in 10:03.gaz did you do the RNAC last week at HMS Calidonia?
  14. Before I went on the RNAC I was running around 8.42, now I havent run for around 3 months I worrie what my time will be now.
  15. Before my medical I was putting in about 10mins 20secs. After the medical problems, I've been lazy and downbeat and am now at 11mins 20secs. I'm very disappointed in myself to be honest and, starting today, have been bullying the shit out of me sen for being a lazy so-and-so. The good thing about working p/t is there are plenty of hours in the day for taking the piss out of myself and telling myself I'm a cock and a qunt and a total twat of a mong who will never make it in the Navy if he doesn't get his arse in gear.

    Bought me a Powerbar today to get some pull-ups and chin-ups in as well. Anyone used these? Any good for the ol' upper-body?
  16. yes i did my friend, was you there?
  17. cheers soleil, sadly the word ex is a big issue for me. i snapped the four ligiments holding my shoulder and collar bone in place so i cant play again! :(

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