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Run the Road supports PoppyScotland - sponsors required


Deleted 7

2 Member's of arrse (sister site to Rum) are in training for 'Run the Road';

Liz_the_nurse and Saxybabe are in training for the Run the Road Event on 14th may 2006 to raise some dosh for poppy Scotland.

In 2005 10,000 people descended on "The Glasgow Southern Orbital (part of the M77 GSO Project)" to take part in a fun day of running, walking and cycling. This year, poppyscotland is inviting bidding charity workers to get fit, have fun and raise money for charity by running the old road in Eaglesham.

poppyscotland is Scotland's leading ex-Service charity, providing financial assistance to the ex-Service community in Scotland. By running for poppyscotland your sponsorship money will help Combat Stress, the only UK charity to specialise in supporting veterans who have been profoundly traumatised on active duty. The only treatment centre in Scotland, Hollybush House in Ayrshire, needs urgent funds to upgrade its facilities, including the construction of a new single-room residential annexe. The total cost of the project is £1.7 million - of which £1 million has already been raised.

Macmillan Cancer Relief will also benefit from the event. Proceeds will be split: poppyscotland 85%, Macmillan Cancer Relief 15%

Sponsors can be made through or via paypal/personal/cheque. Please please seriously consider donating to this worthwhile charity - no donation is too little.

Many thanks, in advance

Nursey and Saxy
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