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Lantern Swinger
Just wondering if any of your fine selfs know of any websites that give a free run/route planner...e.g. maps out how many miles a route is?...ive found a few but they all seem to require signing up/registering and some sort off yearly/monthly fee.

cheers in advance
StixJimboRM said:

you can set it to auto follow roads as well (or not, as required)

I use it a lot and it is excellent
My favourite for internet use. If you have a GPS phone with android, try SPORTYPAL to log the run as you do it and then upload to their website or share on facebook. I am sure there are similar for iPhone and others.
Garmin Connect also gives you the ability to search for activities near your location.

Although I also use mapmyrun and runjogwalk as they have more users contributing.
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