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Run ashore



Many moons ago, two OD's went ashore in north africa and wandered into the desert. they came across some friendly tribesmen who gave them food and water. The tribesmen said that in the morning they would guide them back to the nearest town and were shown to a tent for the night ,before retireing the headman said that the black tent on the edge of camp was out of bounds and that to enter would be on pain of death.
Well as night follows day the two OD's thought a quick peek would'nt harm.
It was the headmans gift to the new royal prince, 4 young virgins for his new harem, They were caught !!!"As you are unaware of our customs" said the headman,"I will give you a chance, you will go into the desert with an escort and bring back as much fruit as you can carry".
One of the OD's got back first with a big bunch of grapes, the head man told him for his crime of 'peeking' at the prince's virgins, he was to stuff the grapes up his 'jacksie' without laughing or he would be beheaded otherwise he would be set free.
On the very last grape he burst out laughing with tears rolling down his face. The headman perplexed by this asked "why at such a moment did you bust out luaghing? you were nearly free!", the lad answered " my mates collecting coconuts" :D

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