run ashore Thursday 22nd March ???

GR - and one of my lads will be in London on No1s on duty as VIP guests at a Magic Circle could have checked out my zimmer.....


War Hero
AAC I will confirm with Goldie re me coming down over the weekend. Then we can sort out some details. All I can say is that the more the merrier!!!!! x
can't we have it on the saturday or sunday? I am in London for one day this weekend coming. I am not drinking mind, am still recovering from the raspberry sambuccas at the hen night!


War Hero
Hope more turn up than the last one GR, at least I've got a reasonable excuse, missed my flight (again) :shock: . Take along some Tena Ladies as well, the ever vigilant British Transport Police may be lurking on the stairs at Blackfriars :oops: .
Afraid this is all too much for me guys - can't believe anyone has any pretentions to an organised mind. I'm backing out of this - deadlines have passed - the fog of drinking is closing in - have fun guys - count me out