Run Ashore in London


Lantern Swinger
I love London and go down there on a regular basis for a bit of retail therapy. :D

If your a Star Wars fan there is an exhibition that started last Sat (5th May) and is running right up until September. (Dont get this exhibition confused though with the European Star Wars exhibition which starts in July and is also in London!)

The exhibition is £16.50 each for adults and is about a 2 min walk from the London Eye. Its open Mon - Sun 10am til 8pm i think.

There is also the Duck tours which leaves from also near the London eye. This is an amphibious ww2 vehicle that goes in and out of water. Its a big yellow thing (and was used on that advert they banned on trident chewing gum where they say emanicipation for the nation or whatever the prat is saying!)
Re: London visit

lovelylifeoutside said:
Like Chaz am too in old war office, does no one work in here?

Once youve done with central London take the amusing "city" cruises down river, theyre very witty, there you can get off at Tower or continue to Grenwich. Head to Museum in the Docklands nr Canary Wharf which is one of the better museums in town, less crowded more fun! Eating & drinking in Whitehall & West End to be honest is only fair at best ( overpriced and generally mediocre food as its for visitors, Londoners dont really go out in the West End much ) there are far better places in the boroughs beyond zone 1. Sat night with a young son why not got to Walthamstow dogs which is full of couples, young people and kids are welcome . Another tip try and get oyster card online it will dave you a fortune in tube fares see TFL website. Camden market on the Sunday morning, or if youre missus likes flowers get up early and head to Columbia St market which is a sea of colour, cafes etc Other places are Upper St Islington great for pubs & restaurants... Steve ( EX RN ) 22 done, free at last !!!! :)

It depends which end of Whitehall you eat in! :D Not bad, eh?... Three RR's within 5 minutes walking distance of one another. Fancy a drink sometime?
Father_Famine said:

I am attending the Falklands parade on 17th June with my good lady ..........


and what are you doing with the bad (or not so good ) lady???? :wink:

sorry - took me ages to spot that one - put it down to age :wink: