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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by ClearDoNothing, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. While watching Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey last night, it occurred to me (and not for the first time) that I spent a large part of my career legging it ashore all over the world, with the sole intention of finding a house of ill repute and getting bladdered, or such like!

    Well, for the most part, the aim was achieved, and while this clearly supports the local economy, I gave scant regard to seeking out the finer points of local cultures. The sights, the food, the history etc., and as a result great big pieces of my run ashore memories are a bit hazy.

    On the plus side, I was a regular patron of a certain Fried Chicken emporium in The Octagon in Guzz. So the balance was probably restored.

    I imagine everyone else has a similar story!
  2. Occasionally we'd try and have a "Culture Vulture" run, best one was in Greece, Pitras or Pireas, I forget which, the SR mess decided to go to the Accropolis, jumped on a train and went miles past the stop for the "Parthanon", not realising thats the local name for it..or whatever...anyways, we all jumped off in the middle of nowhere and on the station platform was a little grotty greasy cafe cum bar. We stayed there for 8 hours getting washed out on Ouzo and cheap wine...never saw the Accropolis, but the old bar owner took a months takings in a single afternoon...

    Ouzo....worst hangover in the world !! :cry:
  3. I was always told, the first time you go to a place see it all, take photos and get cultured.

    Of course I ignored everything I was ever told!!!!
  4. Ship was in Leverno, went on a day trip to Pissa and Florence did the tower got to Florence and a round of drinks for 4 of us was £5.00, this was 1974. On arivival backat Lerverno saw a shipmate getting chased by local old bill for borowing eating iorns from the cafe he was in. I always find holidays since leaving the andrew a bit different from runs ashore the little woman cant see the point of bar followed by different bar and so on to big eats head down
  5. Haifa, Israel. On a boat and in a rather nice hotel.
    Most of the JR's had 99% full thickness burns, owing
    to the fact that the average daytime temp was about
    a million degrees, but we still got wellied. Late pm and
    folk were still leapin' into the pool from their room
    balconies, and the manager had already said "No".


    Then - along comes a platoon of the local armed forces
    and they points an assortment of Uzis at us cherry-red,
    hammered sludgemariners, saying, "You all get out of
    the swimming pool.........NOW!".

    We all did.

    Lesson: when EVERYONE in the country is heavily
    armed (including unborn foetus's probably), do as
    they say, when they say.
  6. Alongside in Civvitavechia (Italian for boring sh*t hole) 4 of us decided to catch the train to Pisa to see the leaning tower. Got there spent 10 mins looking round, repaired to nearest resaurant for lunch, found a load of Italian Vets in there, turns out it was their veterans parade in the morning. The rest of the day went by in a haze of cheap red italian wine and pasta, got the last train back.

    Was back in same place last year on Honeymoon, the day had a totally different perspective to it, only drank half a bottle of wine with lunch and had a good nose around.

    I'm quite enjoying going back to all the places I'd visited in the mob with Mrs S-S and seeing them through sunglasses as opposed to beer glasses. I've even seen Amsterdam in a totally different light, that was freaky.
  7. You mean you left the anorack and train spotting book on board and went drinking,shaging and got a tatt, :wink: :D
  8. Scouse_Scribes my sentiments exactly,i have been all over the world with my work in Norway and seen things i only remember through that haze of alcohol,its good to see all the places we have been through normal eyes so to say, 8)
  9. On Board!! Most of my trips were Dets, mostly flown by the Sideways walking freaks or BA.

    On Board indeed! How dare you!
  10. :lol: The world saw me through bar room windows,houses of ill repute and Pinkies tattoo shop. The most stirring speech I ever heard was from a Chinese hooker quote"Your fliend still flucky my fliend you flucky me some more". A noble speech indeed. I had to go back to honk as a civvy to get up the Peak. :p
  11. Triestte (sp?) 94. Decided to go to Rome on the train to do the touristy bit. 4 of us in the square made the fatal mistake, We'll just have one beer while we come up with a plan of action.........................

    The rest as they say "is history"

    But I did end up with a well dodgy copy of a Juventus top and a cracking phot with some nuns. !!
  12. Fekin respect to that man jesse, :D ,i ended up ( as did every true matelot) at pinkies tatt shop,i regret the tattoo on my forhead saying " ferk you oow " :D

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