Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by stan_the_man, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. Sat in my hot tub in deepest Cornwal tonight reflecting on why no fcuker would buy my house and why I wasn't living my dreams in Southern France I suddenly thought how the fcuk do some RRers have 3000+ quotes fcuk me thought I was anchor faced but came to the conclusion that they probably constitute the "passed over for promotion- DO a ******" bored passed over Lt/LtCdr, retired bored househusband brigade - well thank fcuk someone cares about the way this country is going to the dogs - and thanks when I really get fcucked off you make me smile.
    Ta guys and girls.
    By the way hot tub 40 degrees tonight and with bubbles (not wifes name).
    Got ma war pension thru too
  2. Pardon?
  3. Hottub+alcohol=Ramblingposts.
    Stan for my part my workplace (unknowingly) subsidises my RR time so 8 hours a day makes the Posts fly away.
  4. Ah Guzzler your'e one - how many posts in 8 months?? do you work or still in the mob??
  5. Hey mate touch the website occasionally, how fecking boring you have to be to put so many comments - maybe no fecker listened to you when you served and this is the only voice you have - ckok
  6. Are you unwell?

    I've said nothing to offend you yet you feel the need to come out with all that.

    Sober up.
  7. It's sooooo sad that some people think life revolves around reality. Rumrationing is a pass time par excellence. Why have sex when you can lie infront of your iPhone and converse with real men... and wimmen. :roll:
  8. Large scotch on the way Stan...
  9. OOPS fcucked up again, hot tub fcuks ma brain sorry once again Guzzler not going back in tonight zzzzzzz
  10. Genuinely didn't get it - bit slow on the uptake!

    Penny dropped now - fair comment.

  11. Actually I come on mainly to be amused by ex jacks who don't realise that gobbing off when pished/lightly broiled and or living in Cornwall but not being able to spell it shows why they post so little.
    I had plenty to say in the Corps most of it like your thread here, utter bullshit.
  12. Thanks Guzz but definately not going back in the tub - well not tonight, sorry mate take care
  13. So you spend all your time on the website - Compulsive Behaviour maybe, or you don't fit, plenty of people I knew in the service had plenty to say but probably like your comments and observations were worth fceck all and no one listened to them. The only way they think they can communicate and gain status is via websites like this, hey wake up you insignificant pr*ck .
  14. NURRRRSE!!!!
  15. Wow from a man who admits getting flustered in a hottub that's a mouthful.
    Go and have a lie down sweetcheeks before your blood presure causes your tiny brain to explode.
  16. Stan

    Can we have a RR get together in your hot tub? I do hope there will be beer laid on and a barbi! :razz:
  17. Sorry mate you will have to wait a bit, due to NHS cutbacks there is only one duty nurse and she is currently attending to the heedbangers on Arrse.

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