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RumRation Wiki Page


Deleted 7

I have started a Wiki page for RumRation
. Feel free to add what you wish, within reason of course :wink:

Also, I am not PC lit so I wouldn't be able to comment on how to start things lol

Please, if you can, add your own 'user' part ot the Wiki, if you dare!

Any problems buzz Bad_CO or Ghost_rider for more insight.


Deleted 7

That is not what I do not get, wasn't the call sign G U S? Ach, I changed it any how lol

Bad CO

The great thing about a wiki is that ANYONE who disagrees should be able to edit the page. Thus if you think Gus should be spelt Guz, then you just hit the "edit" tab, make your changes and then save the page.....

Let me know if you need a hand!

Deleted 7

I have updated some of the Wiki's page, how ever I would like some input added from the 'old and bold' sea goers!

You will need to set up an account within the wiki but this is easy.

Please help me with this little task, pretty please :oops:

Deleted 7

Right you lot, seeing as I am a spring lamb compared to some of you in the navy life, I do need some help with explainations with RN lingo!

Don't be shy!

Deleted 7

It is no jack speak I need but more on the lines of the 'popular' runs ashore etc, type that of info. Also I made separate pages that need RN attention.

Bad CO

For those who do not know what a wiki is then click here.

Jenny - a suggestion for you, why not add all your contributions to the RN Category. This can be done using the following code at the bottom of any wiki page:

[[Category:Royal Navy]]

Deleted 7

Phew, been a busy bee! Thanks boss, think I have done enough for now!

I also have just made this lovely wiki siggy block with a big help from Bad_CO (Ok I just put the link in).


[url =]wiki [/url]

Where there are spaces in the 2nd one, please remove them.

Deleted 7

Just a simple REMINDER , I have put alot up for RR, add away to your heart's content people! Only so far I can go, being a sprog in the Andrew and all, well ex!

[marq=left]NO PRESSURE[/marq]
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