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RumRation Moderators AGM 2009


War Hero
The AGM was a roaring success, with all Mods in attendance.
At the end of business, they got together outside their rented
super-deluxe specially strengthened caravans at Minehead Caravan
Site for a few beers and a sponsored Naked "Invisible Ginsters Pasty Eating Competition".
Only three Moderators accepted the challenge - the others choosing to
wander around the site in the nude, with their goolies dragging along the grass, scaring
all the school-children who were trying to enjoy a well-earned Summer holiday.

Picture Courtesy of Weight Watchers (Copyright protected)

(The winner was the bloke far left - I think it's Nutty, pictured
holding the final invisible Ginsters Cheese, onion, chicken and
lard pasty)
Oh dear.... but Nutty's gone on the trot! The Moderator Crushers have been searching high and low in every nook, cranny and granny of Mazarron, without success. :biggrin:

The RR Annual Moderators Conference (RUMANNMODCON) takes place every year in a secret location in cyberspace. Jenny will be along shortly Billy to maul you for suggesting she is cursed with superfluous male accoutriments (ball bags and their bouncy contents). :twisted:
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