RumRation Members Theme tunes.


War Hero
(Add a tune for a member - see what we come up with)

Don't know if this idea will take off, but I got to reading Pontius' dit about
a jet engine exploding....and I thought - what would he have blasting out
of his head-phones given half the chance. Well.......I came up with this
one.....hurtling off into the sky at a thousand miles an hour like a Vietnam
Phantom Jet-Jockey - ready to tear-arse up the sky, music going full blast.

"Viff" on!

Ladies and Gentlemen Pontius' Theme tune!

Lynyrd Skynyrd-Call Me The Breeze-1976 - YouTube


War Hero
Fink's would be "God Save The Queen."

The Sex Pistol's version obviously.

Failing that something by Coldplay because he's incredibly boring.

I can imagine Blackrat charging across the desert on top of his tank while the William Tell Overture plays loudly.


War Hero
Sgt P - The Clash "I fought the law", Z Cars theme.
JFH, Pontius - Thunderbirds are go, theme from 633sqn
Wet Blobbs - Mr Blobby (single) or Mr Hankey, the Christmas poo.
Witsend -Kaiser Chiefs "I predict a riot"
Frogman007 - Carly Simon "nobody does it better"
NZB - Pulp - "Underwear"

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