RumratioN/Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Rincewind, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. Guys and swobs

    dont forget the arrse crawl is on the 27th of May - slap bang in the middle of TOGI so should be accessible to all.

    main benefactor of the funds raised is the Chesterfield Sea Cadets
    (for those who didnt know - each sea cadet unit is a charity and it costs about £3500 a year in insurance just to keep the doors open and pay the electricity - the MOD does give us some money but this goes to national and us at unit level get fick alles - we have to do our own fund raising)

    secondary benefactor is the GPR assoc

    so come on, get drunk, spin some dits and we can try to black cat them

  2. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

    Speaking as the OC (as was) of a TA Unit who "suggested" to his RFCA that they might like to let me "host" my local SCC for a short period (4 years so far :D) I would have to agree with Rincewind that this is a terrific cause.

    And the more the merrier on this crawl - couples especially welcome - Mrs Abs told me to say that and she will be there to make sure I enjoy myself.
  3. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

    Gay couples also welcome...........

    Beebs :)
  4. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

  5. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

    This is the list of Crawlers from the boards of ARRSE, please feel free to add your name and PM me for a pro forma and any general enquiries. :)

    Beebs x

    Dozy Bint
    Papa Lazaroo
  6. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

    RW..You might want to post this topic on The Quarterdeck or/and the Bearpit.
  7. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

    Done :)

    Should be a great crwal - plans afoot to make sure all get to have fun, no one will be left out, theres some stuff to keep you amused before the run ashore begins and i am seriously thinking of smuggling "jenga" into the festivities - god how we got alcohol poisoning playing that in Wertach - summer camp 1993.... to drunk to do any of the activites planned so safest thing for us was ice skating or water skiing every day - we managed to stay off the jenga the night before the white water rapids but made up for it that afternoon.


  8. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

    I'd love to come but my Ex-wife is from Dronfield and hangs around in Chesterfield. I operate a shoot on sight policy :)

    Edited to add....anybody want a photo and an untraceable weapon?
  9. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

    yeah! how cool would it be for her to see you surrounded by arrsemaidens? we can get them to pose should we run into the "obviously a lesbien for leaving you" cow.


    oh go one - come you puff - a real man would. - just ask in the submarine forum - hehehe
  10. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

    Can arrange to have you handcuffed to a fit bird, big ti... er personality and a 'fuff off you ugly cow' stare in her eyes! Have you met Rince? ;)

    Beebs x

    PS I could bring a T-shirt for her just incase......

  11. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006, handcuffs throw the whole thing in to a new light....M1, junction 29 isn't it?
  12. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

    Yes J29 then A617 into town - straight run, slightly down hill, dual carridgeway and usually empty ;-)

    i used to race my CO on it - he is a traffic copper and he was in the company car whenever we did :)

    Love the teeshirt Beebs :) got a use for some of them myself...

    Oh and "all" the handcuffs are mandatory - all part of the plan ;-)


    PS Dronfield is a sh1t hole
  13. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

    Floppy you WILL enjoy the night, and I might be short, round and old, but I can assure you your ex wife would feel the lesser woman if she decided to annoy anyone.... And the point of a crawl is, we drink and move on, so unless she's the mad, bunny-boiling, head in freezer, deranged, gun toting, voodoo practising stalker type, I'm sure it'll be fine.


    PS If she is, fukc off we need to be seen drinking with you like we need holes in our heads! :D
  14. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

    Oh great! Are you setting me up already Beebs?
  15. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

    Can we do the arrse thing on arrse please . No offence but this is the ''Andrew Miller'' not the army.
  16. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

    Fun Sucker ;-) this is a fun night out and surely we can post fun posts? (i do mean fun - as opposed to walt/stalker/troll)

  17. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

    The 'ARRSE thing'? I was of the impression banter was a universal, and not exclusive, form of communication. Perhaps a note could be posted to suggest the removal of the humou-ARRSE-maximus of at least an adjustment to the humour-ARRSE-minimus.

    Beebs x

    PS Deep go ahead, bite, make my day! :)
  18. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

    I don't have a problem with this thread being here, if it is going to involve 'rumration' members. As long as it is kept on track, it is no biggy :wink:
  19. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

    Jenny its your call , i just think we should have our own identity on Rum ration .I am sure arrsers can sort out there crawls on arrse . We are trying to get as many ''naval minded'' as possible on rum ration , its early days and we want to keep it on a naval /marine theme . Tell me to wind my neck in if you want .
  20. Re: Arrse Crawl 27th May 2006

    Ok, this is how I want it to be;

    I know it is an 'Arrse' crawl and should be kept on Arrse. If beebs and Rince think Rum members can get a head in with this, then I am happy. I don't want all of Arrse taking this over, so keep it on track. I will keep an eye on this thread to see how it goes. If it turns out to be a 'carry' on, then I will lock the thread but not remove it.

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