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Lantern Swinger
Mention the RN on a certain aviation based forum and you'll get overwhelmed by responses talking about "turn in the barrel" etc...

Anyone noticed the Google Ads that appear, discretely on the RR pages?
Surely it wasn't coicidence that the four that appreared across the bottom of the page this afternoon were:

"Buy sexy stockings"
"Join the RAF"
"Buy Suspenders"
"Dating for Military Singles"
"Join the RAF" ? Now that IS a cause for concern!

But how about

[align=center]It's an Man's world in the Royal Navy!

I sure I wasn't the only 15 year old enticed into thinking about joining after reading that one!

And how about

[align=center]Real Men join the Silent Service - Submariners are Tough![/align]


War Hero
Business is a little slow since they outlawed Sod's Opera. Demand for this particular variety of webbing in the RN community has never been the same since. :wink:
How about this which is at the top of the page as I type this:

Nylon Stockings
Riesenauswahl an Spezial-Angeboten Nylon Stockings


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