Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2DuffDits, Nov 22, 2011.

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  1. I have twice attempted to post a thread tonight and have lost both to gremlins.

    I am at present sat in Rumrats sitting room and posting this thread to avoid an issue that I have been accused of. I have not used this identity as any kind of mask to veil my real identity. As this account is raised using an email address set up by Rumrats son for his dad and then used once by him. It was then refused by him as "its confusing having two accounts and I'm not closing my other" as spoken by Rumrat.
    I have answered all questions that have been asked without hesitation and reiterate in open forum I am not Rumrat, and I thank my stars over that at the present time although there have been past occasions that I envied the git his way of life.


    At present things are a little bleak. Jesse I sent you a PM last week at Rats request, if you see this asking you to phone him. If you see this please try and give him a bell on Monday afternoon. He had his annual medical a week or so ago and the news was not good given the circumstances already in place. He never moans about tricks, but just goes further into himself, and spends a considerable mount of time on his own, this by choice I must add. He was disappointed recently when an old friend from way back visited and he said he invited >>>>>> and an old man arrived.
    He has been desperately trying to get his weight down to pre trauma but despite exercise and diet has not had the success he desires, although it is obvious he is loosing it. He was told at the last medical he is halfway to diabetes, and with a wound that turned to an abscess and restricts exercise by continuously opening he has slid into mega depression.
    He attends his wife and kids, and seems oblivious to all else. He has been attending council ling on a regular basis and tells me he is doing a Stirling but has not explained that to me. He has no interest in anything much and refuses to come on RR despite much coaxing. He has not even logged on for months so any unanswered mail is not down to ignorance but apathy to everything.
    I go home on Friday but only live a few miles down the road so will not abandon him entirely. As if, because anyone who meets him likes him he is so docile for a big chap and as honest as the day is long. Unless he is working a number for a specific reason.
    Crime avoidance usually:-D
    I will make sure updates on him come out from time to time for any interested.
    I read the last lot of best wishes that were sent in thread and he was quite emotional but I never said that. I do know that not being able to partake of his blessed Pussers annoys him, although I do not believe he is totally abstinent as much as he confesses to the contrary.
    Cheers for your time.
  2. I will log in again tomorrow for a spell but I intend to go for one of Rummers famous bike rides with him weather permitting so I wont be about too much. Any messages will be passed on but he will not be coerced into coming on line.
    I know he wants to get a message to a certain member so the effort to get in touch with Jesse who's phone number he has lost.
    Cheers again.
  3. Send the shitbag my regards please.

  4. I understand.
  5. Please send the old git my best wishes
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Pass on my best wishes to the lad!!
  7. Thanks for the update, thought we'd lost the old sod for a minute there.

    Send him my best wishes.
  8. He's survived DQ's, survived "stoppage" and given the support he'll survive this, not much consolation, but our prayers are with him. T
  9. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Thank fuck for that. I thought the old sod was dead. Tell him Blackrat misses him and his gnarled root. It's his turn to play the milkmaid.
  10. If that means what I think it does, don't you need to be over 18? I don't think he's reached that age yet, his missus always said he was far more trouble than the kids, he has been in all sorts of scrapes the years I have known him. I met him on a Christmas day years ago at a little lunch time bash for a charity he was involved in. He was trying to chat up my daughter who had just undergone an operation and treatment for a tumor.
    She was 12 and he was 40ish. She fell in love with him and has been ever since. Can't see the attraction myself, it must be the rough Aussie charm.
    Talks Australian in a brummy type accent, its quite funny to listen to.
    Before he took bad this time, he kept telling me he was going to get in with 2DeckDash and go with him to a posh do with all these Earls and Dukes, and tell them about true life in the colonies. I shudder at the thought of that.
    Anyways I have told him what I have read here this morning, I have assured him everybody still hates him and he said he feels comforted by that. He said if he gets put in the funnyfarm it will just be RR, but in colour.
    And just to paint a picture in your collective minds, the itinerary for this afternoon is into town to locate a book that has been recommended to him,( thanks you know who you are) and then he is to introduce me to a lad he has met who is a teacher, Polish and I am assured as gay as a fruit bat. They like to discuss a Polish book Paul gave him called "Gods playground" which Rummers finds intriguing. (He's a history nerd)
    Can't wait.
    Thank you all.
  11. Please give him warmest good wishes for his prompt recovery and a kiss from me.
  12. Best wishes to him, miss his boyish charm are razor like wit.
  13. Wot Sol sez, apart from the swapping spit bit. I don't miss him THAT much!
  14. Please give him my regards, I too have been in very dark places and its a bastard to snap out of, thinking of the old fcuker
  15. Jason Pierrpoint, great nephew of Albert was booked for the Tyburn but has been stood down until Rummers reappears.
  16. =======================================


    Tell him we care and are patiently awaiting his return.

    If he's not ready he doesn't have to post just yet but if he logs in for a little lurk there have been one or two recent posters who may interest him, ie:

    'Lying-JackMeTicklerTin-Racist-Ex-Councillor-Johnny-Bramham' Jaybee48:

    'OverweightCorpsCandidatePoserWho'sBlackCatisDeceased' Welchhy:

    'LovestruckColleenSeekingAdviceAbouta45CdoWalt' Slickvic:

    BTW - Steve's potential relief only joined recently but is already bigging it up, offering (ahem) sound advice and generally giving lip all around:

    If Steve needs fluffing-up he/she'll be along 'dreckly:wink:

  17. Rummers, miss ya!
  18. P.M replied to. Most sorry not to have picked up on this before, but Lesley is very poorly. I will be in contact. Jesse
  19. Please pass on to Steve.
    Really sorry to hear of your plight mate, if anyone can overcome it, you can. I'm always here when you decide to "come out" again. Meanwhile, keep taking the tablets, and don't let your affinity for the odd drop of Pusser's wane. Still looking forward to our next meet - with Stirling.
    Best wishes and many regards,
  20. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Fcuk, thought the old sod was dead.

    Tell him to man the fcuk up, snap out of it and turn to. Malingerer.

    P.s... also pass on my best.
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