Please pass the old sod my regards too and tell him that he's needed back to help maintain some couthful standards on the forum. Soleil and I can't do it all on our own you know.
Hello Son of RumRat (RumBrat?)

Thanks for the news. Sorry to hear about Steve's illness, please tell him that his absence has caused many here to suffer from withdrawal symptons.......

WHAT! Four Bottles of Pussers lurking on the premises untouched?

You must remind your father that hoarding one's Rum is a still verrry serious offence. If you send them all to me I will arrange for their safe disposal :hungry: and I promise to take the matter no further.

Oh, and ask him if he has seen Papal Twatlet lately - It must be infectious because he has gone AWOL, too...... :wink:

Shockin news ...Get well soon rummers...

er,..but if you must kuff it.......could you make it sometime in July..but not after the 22nd as we have a wedding and are then going over for the twelth...

Oh and please tell Rumrat that we had the Outrage Bus all lined up to bring him some visitors from Rum Ration:

Finks had volunteered as duty driver.......but sadly he got a little too hot under the collar.

So we have all clubbed together at no great expense for this Card instead:

:boxing: Very sorry to hear the news of your dad. I was thinking of giving you all a bell when the thread started but did not want to intrude. My thoughts are with your dad and you all.
A tip about us ex punchies, start counting to ten over us and we get up. We were planning a run ashore with 2bm. Steve please get well soon. Jesse & Lesley:numberone:
Hi you all, this is me back in the saddle at least for a quick message.
I appreciate the messages of endearment, but please at this stage do not buy the sympathy cards.
Jesse I was out when you phoned thanks for the thought, if you PM me I would love to hear from you.
I had as you know a few problems about four years ago which caused me to have a severe heart attack or a Myocardial Infarction for the posh amongst you. (Not many there then). Anyhow at the beginning of Feb I contracted Pneumonia and pleurisy. This in turn for whatever reason brought on a heart murmur and then it was down hill from there for a few days.
Anyhow recovered physically but unfortunately anyone amongst us that has had a good old heart attack will tell you it gets into your head.
So now I am officially joining the basket classes Wits would have shoved me in years ago. (Bastard:toothy9:) The slightest chest pain usually muscular sends you into abject panic until you can put fingers there to assure yourself that its not heart failure trying to send you to the hot place.
I seem to have gone straight back in my head to where I was four years ago.
Got over it then and I will again, so if any of you out there have any designs whatsoever on my rum piss off and get your own.:toothy9:
Thanks again for caring, you bunch of gets (stand fast the officers) and I will be working towards the goal of coming to this do in Guzz come August. (Ain't been to guzz since the old king died.)
See you all soon and will ease myself back into threads soon and slowly ( as the bishop said to the actress)

Jesse if you care to call again tomorrow or later today Will be around as my social calendar only takes me to Morrison's at present. I have misplaced you number as when the forum change style it was wiped out from my in box file. Soz.

Regards and best wishes to one and all of you out there.

Rummers. I know youv'e not been 100% but 4 fuckin bottles.That takin the piss.Best you get some down you then you wont notice the odd flutter.
Seriously.All the best and keep taking the tablets.
(and give yer boy a slap for saying that disgusting word. Sob****y) are you sure he's your's?:laughing6:
This is the 3rd time you have been absent from RR without permission, it seems 2 stints in DQ's have not taught you any lessons so it is second class for conduct for you laddie when you are fully fit . Until then concentrate on getting well PDQ as it is dull as dishwater on here at the mo. BTW my absence late last year was covered by a chit signed by the Ch Caterer who is on his way to your gaff to 'test' the pussers.:brushteeth::brushteeth::brushteeth:
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