Rumrat gets out his Cheque Book

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by trelawney126, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. Some British soldier killed in NI years ago when their car hit a tree.
    They tried to say I planted it.

  2. On a note of trivia, as from this morning, I technically have £762.51p to my name.
    When i pay my landlord the £77.00 pound electricity and council tax I owe I will have less than £700.00.
  3. Well that was a disappointment! When I opened this thread thought it was going to be about Rummers ringing the bell ... but then I got to thinking of Rummers chequebook and Moths ... which brought me onto Chaos Theory! Just means that the size of moth that flys out of Rummers Chequebook will cause a Typhoon in China making millions homeless ... [email protected]!
  4. Working on that theory MG, just opening his wallet malleted New York.
  5. Now I reckon because choas theory works on opposites then to mallet New York you'd have to be in Aus .... Ponsius!
  6. No check book, joint building society account and my own with £6.00 in it.
    Its great being penniless, and it will be even better come 6th April next year.
  7. Funny you should say that ... 'er indoors turns 60 next year (don't tell her I told you!) and has announced that she is reducing the hours she works per week thus reducing the contribution to the National Debt ... or in her case the amount of dosh she has to spend on such necessities as dresses/jewelery/make-up/shoes ... leaving me to pay the utility bills/morgage/fuel etc ... so think I may well be entering the penniless stakes myself!

  8. Its cost me about £650 to become penniless.;-)
  9. Chequebook ? Bit behind the times, its all cards nowadays, getting hard to find places that accept cheques.
  10. Hmmmmmmm

    al quit arder.jpg Rummers.jpg
  11. Fuckin hell Sharky you look nothing like me, but why are you trying to get so close.
  12. Hmmmmmm

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  13. All fuckin night to do that you sad bastard.
    Now lets have a pic of you not taken more than 60 years ago.
  14. War Office likes it now I have to discontinue shaving.
  15. 60 years ago! cheeky git, I have hardly aged since that pic of me in rig, just a few grey hairs and the odd wrinkle, nose and arse respectivly
  16. Oh look the tooth fairy.
  17. Has it tickled her fancy

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