Rumpedia/AARSEpedia - helpers sought

There have been some suggestions that RR set up its own online encyclopædia based upon a similar venture undertaken by AARSE in their AARSEpedia project.

I am wondering if there are any volunteers willing to assist me in this venture? The Bad_CO has suggested below contributing to getting the entries about the RN on AARSEpedia correct and fully up-to-date with a view to producing (& incorporating these entries) into our own version, or some similar arrangement, later. Anyone is welcome to contribute, whether you are a hero (serving), a gentleman/lady professional (RNR) a gentleman/lady (retired RN) or whatever.

I suggest we decide between ourselves what we will contribute. As an ex-RNXS'er only I am not really qualified to contribute much on the RN itself, hence the need for RN/ex-RN volunteers.

Incidentally, I will be away (Norway & Iceland): 24.7.06 - 5.8.06.

Please PM me if interested.


For your information, the current AARSEpedia entry on the Royal Navy begins as follows...

AARSEpedia entry for RN said:
Gang of uniformed bottom touchers boasting big boats and long thick tubes full of seamen.

Nearly all members are homosexual and those that aren't are lesbian Wrens.

Often seen discharging weapons on B-range

Too much exposure to the Royal Navy can lead to Bum desease.

What is a "desease"? Is it more virulent than a disease?

Vile slander, that dates back to the admitted tendency of an older generation of Matelots to knob Kaitais, He-Shes and Lady-Boys in Singers back in the day.

The modern RN are bronzed, suave purveyors of staunchly hetero Porksword to the less aesthetically blessed ladies in the furthest corners of the Globe.

Message from the Bad_CO

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 1:36 pm Post subject: Re: What about a site Wiki

Putting the software in place would be easy and we would do that.

The wiki concept though relies on individuals creating and editing pages. Even on ARRSE (with nearly 20k members) its been something of a battle to build up sufficient interest to deliver what we've got now.

Can I suggest that you start changing/adding the pages you want to on the ARRSEpedia? The Royal Navy one probably needs a complete rewrite IMHO. Before you get started though can I recommend that you look at the following pages:
* Help Page
* Tutorial

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I think its a great idea, however, if there isn't enough input it will be a waste of time. I started a Navy/RR pedia here a while back and since then only 2 or 3 others have added. Which tells me it will not be a popular idea for now.

I'd be willing to help, maybe we should keep an eye on this thread for a few weeks and note the score?