Rumour of MI-17 x 2 delivered to Boscombe Down

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Jayhawk, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. Read a rumor that MoD delivered two Kazan MI-17 to Boscombe Down. Figured if its true then must be for either preview part of ETPS Rotary Wing Course or for test eval purposes.

    I recall in an article in summer March/April 2004 edition of Defence Helicopter that the MoD was sending RAF SHF crews to train on MI-17 with Kazan Helicopters and some other flight training academy , TRANSAS..think it was part of test eval thing.

    Also the USAF AFSOC crews were also sent there as well.
  2. Saw them operating in the Russian film "9 Rota" directed by Fydor Bondarchuck awesome beasts :thumright: 128x57m rockets. 4 barrell gatling gun. and 4 stingers loaded
  3. The dit i have been hearing from wafu's in theatre, are these helo's have been flying around for some time.

    They were possibly from this company to begin with

    The dit going around was Navy piltos flying them dodgy russians looking after them. MoD getting a bit worried about engineering implications so have brought some to Boscombe down to train up people.

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