I'm quite concerned too...........miss the old rascal...........don't think he's wiv da bruvvas nickin' / liberating comet and carpetright do ya ?
Was there not a mention of a trip to the States, down South somewhere to trace his chains, sorry roots?

He's gorn darn Sarf to Carolina to stay with some distant relatives on his
great-great-grand-daddies side. Doing a bit of catching up on those good
old days with the good ole' boys. Yeee-Haww!

I thought he was coming down 'ere to Kernow land for a holiday although that was at the beginning of the month. I've not seen too many ethnics in tin tents about though.
Any word on Rummer's disposition? As far as I can see his last post on the Forum was 17 July and that seems to be a long time ago, given his RR history. Hope he's well and not trying to figure out how to extract himself from the canal on his running route.

Jesse, did you have any luck getting hold of him?
Well, I'm looking out of my window in Oz at the moment and I can't see him. Maybe he's joined the Oz SAS, is using his new-found camouflage techniques and that's why he's illusive to mine eyes.
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