Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by 21_Man, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. Though I enjoyed my tot I think that £600 is a little expensive :p
  2. I concur with my learned friend !

    My signature says it all.
  3. Much cheaper to crack a stone flagon on a steel deck.
  4. At that price it would have to be an investment purchase and with any change buy a few bottles of Woods 100 for swigging.

    What will other RR members be doing on Saturday to mark the occasion?
  5. Visiting the 'ghost of tot times past' at Pompey dockyard...............
    'Navy Days - 2010'
  6. I visited HMS Belfast a couple of years ago, on displaying my ID card i got shunned and put in the que. Once on board i asked a 'Civi' where the heads were, she didnt know what i was on about! When i explained she pointed PORT and went just down on the LEFT side! I then went on an awsome tour of a fine ship, i came across a bar where some older gentlemen were enjoying a wet, i went too speak and tell them i am serving and my ship is in London and i got a 'so what' attitude returned! Not a good show i am afraid. (Rant over)
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You can get this for about £25 a bottle, better than Woods in my opinion

    I am now banned from drinking it, apparantly last time I had a session I was a disgrace!
  8. One of our RNA members here in Spain bought a jar in Gib. in the 70's.
    Most was issued at a Tot night last year but he retained some & issued me with a generous tot on my birthday last week.
    Brought tears to an old victuallers eyes.
    Eat your hearts out lads!
  9. Didn't realise that old Victuallers were capable of raising a tear Jacque. 8O


  10. Our lot nip off to Gib regularly where it can be picked up for 9 squid a bottle (at the far end of main St, by the Traf cemetary).

    Then back to Morisson's for the rest of the goodies!
  11. I got the same attitude back in '86 when I was serving and went there for a goof. Still had to pay my, then, £5 to go on a commissioned pussers war canoe. Didn't find a bar though.
  12. £600 is a little on the expensive side 8O

    I'll be sipping a Pusser's rum (or two) tonight. IMHO the Royal Navy should have 'Spliced the Main Brace' today. Maybe for the 50th anniversary.

    Sweethearts and wives (may they never meet).

  13. So it isnt just me then eh, may be the Pusser needs too step in and straighten the 'slack hammocks' routine they seem to have adopted onboard this 'COMMISIONED' war canoe.
  14. So another bit of family silver sold off to keep the bean counters happy. So, come a true splice the mainbrace signal, what the hell will be offered and what will we pay for it?

    I used to like Pusser's but the flavour has changed over the last 10 years. It could be my palate but 4 Bells (if you can still get it) still tastes fine. I've stil got 2 and a bit bottles left, fortunately.

    RNFLUNKY. Bad news about your BELFAST visit; bad form. Makes you wonder if it's worth the effort sometimes.
  15. i would have a dozen bottles left if i hadent drunk them :oops:

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