Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Stripey_G, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. Got a question for you..and no, I'm not a newbie and don't think it's bone.. :roll:

    Have been given a bottle of Woods Rum that's obviously been opened 'cause it's now only half full. The guy tells me it's been like that for more then 5 years, was his father's, who has now sadly died and has passed it onto me. (He don't drink the stuff and knows that I do!!)

    It looks clear, nothing floating about, smells ok, and the top still on. I've checked relevent web sites to answer the question:.. is it still fit to drink, and had conflicting opinions. I've not tasted it yet (so's I don't "spoil" the taste of my other Rum!!) ... So what do you Rumrats reckon...would you still drink it or ditch it in a seaman-like manner?????

    Cheers... :?
  2. Drink it.
  3. Whatever you do, Do Not Drink It!. The product needs disposing of in a very special manner. Thingy, Scouse and myself will ensure this happens if you post it to us :p
  4. Asuming no one has added anything to 'improve' the flavour it should be safe to drink. Spirits don't go 'off' as such, and I have had spirits in my cupboard for years before they were finally scuppered. Pas problem.
  5. Drink it and let us know if it kills you or not :D
  6. ..oh yes, Slim, very good!! Used to use that line in the Mob with the tot !! :lol:
  7. Me Too!
  8. I believe that the expression used in the mob was "See it off in a seaman like manner" :p
  9. That is correct Slim, but as I was a Pinky and not a seaman, didn't understand that I just drank it!!! :lol: :lol:
  10. Ditch It.... Down your throat :D
  11. Only way to find out is to drink it. Although I have had a rum go off, I was given one of the fancy 'pot' bottle of Lamb a few years back, opened it to show the giver my appreciation then put it away and stuck to pussers, well a few years later and a move of house and the lambs resurfaced, and I thought why not get it finished, well after a sip (bloody big mouthful) followed by a loud gagging sound and a run to the bog to throw up, it ended up down the sink!
  12. Drink it or send it to me .i shall dispose of it in a seamanlike manner !!! :D :D :D
  13. Sit in your favourite chair, play some of your favourite music, and throat the lot.


  14. Get it supped laddie, I used to work in the Bond Warehouse in Liverpool and saw many a cargo of Rum coming ashore, bilged quite a few casks too and got plenty of run off, stored it in old washed out sauce bottles and kept it for many along time and it always tasted like firey nectar. :p :p :D :roll: :roll: :roll:
  15. Thanks for the advice so far guys (yeah, of course I'll send it to you!! :evil: )...just have to try some when I get home from work tonight and see for meself!! If you don't hear from me, please come visit in the hospital won't ya??!! 8O :)

  16. Don't be silly man, drink it. :twisted: 8)

    The only rum you should avoid is re-cycled rum, this is generally known as p*ss. 8O :D :D
  17. To be on the safe side, operating on the precautionary principle, I think you are too valuable an asset to the British people and RR to risk crossing the line. As an end of line product with long experience with testing out of date alcoholic products, I volunteer to join Slim, Jesse, et al in testing the said rum. I have a fine collection of almost 30 malts some of which were opened several years ago (eg Port Ellen) and still remain highly drinkable.... Rum however, especially Woods is more volatile and susceptible to phenolic deterioration resulting in the potential accumulation of toxins. Luckily some of us have a genetic resistance to the liver and brain damage that may result from the incautious ingestion of Woods over 3 months old..... :razz:

    PM me your address and I'll come over and collect the said toxic waste and dispose of it internally, at no cost to yourself! :) :drunken:

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