Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by dickhead, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. Being called RUM ration may we assume some old and bold interest?
    Is the site to be overrun by adolescent boys and girls attending Dartmouth or Raleigh, logging in complaining that Matron or whomsoever has been unduly cross with them?
  2. Oh ok you teased me into a response fcuking cock, knob and cnut, please go back down the little hole you popped out of. He he bet your'e pleased with that. Prick.
  3. Good old Norm still talking the usual shite.
  4. Did someone mention RUM....... :pissed:
  5. Today's navy?
    Cnut Prick Shite Little hole fcuck ******** Beats intelligent debate
    resorting to the worst of Lower deck filth.
  6. That was an intelligent response?
    cock knob and cnut prick toilet "teased me" fcuking liittle hole

    Most erudite. Thank you
  7. DH= latest username for Norman, Plumduff, etc. Ignore. He'll be gone soon.
  8. A dog- watch away
  9. Teased you?
    You little rascal you!
  10. To bring this back to a more gentlemanly level :) I still have my beer and rum card from Hermes with the last tot clipped. I did think to offer it to the Royal Naval Museum - don't know whether they would be interested or not. However, having read that they might ditch the Victory, I think I'll hang on to it in case the museum goes the same way!
  11. Some young, some old and at least one person just posting shoite.
  12. Now that's an intelligent response. Thank goodness for such Rum intellectuals to keep the post alive. "Shoite" Well perhaps a few half-wits as well.
  13. Black Seal [Butterlys ?] Bermuda,now that were a nice drop.
  14. I'm sure they would be interested. Send them a photo-copy .
    That was a memorable occasion in British Maritime History.
    That you were a part of it --Good for you--Share it with us
  15. Norma

    Better "Lower deck filth." your words, than a passed over 2 ringer failed Pig from the bunhouse.

    Now before you change names please forward picture of your alleged lawyer daughter so us filth can have a few fantasies.

    Lov and hugs Nutty xxxxx
  16. Name a thread RUM and then talk feck all about it, you are just an attention whore. Get a grip mate and feck off.
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    ........You make it sound like a bad thing????
  18. Cnut.
  19. Not wishing to feed the Troll; have my taste buds changed or does Pusser's taste "lighter" than it did, say, 4 years ago? To me, it seems to be progressing towards the flavour of Austria's Stroh 80.
  20. Such profundity. Measured sensible comment . That puts Rum Ration intellectually ahead of the other two. Cnut!! Wow!! The last time I saw cnut was in an Egyptian AFO aboard HMS Wild Goose! on which I was taking passage)
    The NS Coder (Ed) had bought a copy in Bahrain and was unhealthily excited when he showed it to me. " Look Dick" he said "They spell your name dikc*--- I explained I'm properly called Richard . Dick is a Nikc-mane

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