Rum to be reintroduced in submarines.

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by UncleAlbert, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. Due to flagging recruitment the rum ration is to be reintroduced it was announced yesterday….seems it will be in the form of a neat tot and will be issued at supper time when at sea.
    Speaking from a beer festival in Berlin the first lord announced that it was to be implemented first in submarines for a 6 month trial period from 1st of April and if successful would be expanded to the fleet.

    Sense at last.
  2. Sense at first!!! (of April)

  3. I was about to re.enlist. Until I seen the date!
  4. Actually, is this really a good thing?

    The rum-ration was stopped in the seventies because they didn't want any accidents attributed to drunkeness. Pusser's rum was (and still is) strong stuff (54.5% ABV). Why the sudden change of heart? Why do I get this feeling that there's going to be a pay-cut soon?
  5. Peter .I was a greenie/stoker during 70/80/90s Once I was put under stoppage of beer ! I had to do 30 days food and water!(never been the same since)!
  6. Brilliant idea , & nice to hear the First Sea Lord attends beer festivals , [1 April 2007] , :lol: :wink:
  7. Do you think that if they had the TOT on HMS CORNWALL ,They would be in this predicament???
  8. Peter

    The TOT was not stopped in 1970 to prevent accidents with high tech equipment. Cos the person's who mainly operated the said equipment, Grunters and Chuffs & Puffs still had unlimited access to beer and spirits.

    That may have been the reason given out by PR people. It was done to save time and money as a huge effort was spent each day ensuring the security of the said liquid and then issuing it to 99% of over 20 year old sailors each day.

    The fact that they killed off the last of the Junior Rates daily social occasions and the only time they could entertain guest meant **** all to the Pigs in MOD. Lets get this right it was not the rum that mattered it was the OCCASION

    Very Unhappy of Tunwells Bridge

  9. If I remember rightly, it saved the government of the time 90 grand a year, and lost the good will of generations of sailors, past, present and future.
  10. Ya didn't notice the date of the original post------wake up lol !!!
  11. Excellent! I hope it's implemented throughout the fleet!
  12. the've also taken the word GULLIBLE out of the dictionary

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