Rum Rats Lamb

Mary had a little lamb she couldn’t stop a grunting,
Rumrat took it down the after flat and kicked its little cunt in.

Billy-No was a sorting,
He thought it was a shed,
But found Rumrats love nest,
With little lamb instead.

Out to pasture lamb was put,
To be safe away from Rumrats love hut.

Rumrat was a walking in pastures fresh and green,
Where he saw a lamb he knew jumping with the joys of spring.
Into his back pack he went to pull out his wellies,
The lamb soon stopped jumping with the joys of spring

Along came Sumo who saw a strange site,
Rummers with wellies,
Trying to give a lamb a fright.

Over the fence and across the pasture,
Sumo quickly travelled.
Sumo to the rescue the lamb thought?
Freedom at last from the Bumrat
No such look young lamby
Skinned and on a Barbie no time to cry for your mammy
Mint sauce the order of the day

The moral is simple; the grass is not greener on the other side,
And better the devil you know than a fat twat with a Barbie.
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