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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by IDOITDEEPER, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. Having looked at the front page and noticed topics such as What Iron to go for, Name Tally's, Raleigh passing out parade, Ant and Dec Saturday night, and Nursing officer entry does the membership feel that Rum Ration may actually have run its course? Please comment and let us debate the reasons behind such lacklustre subject matter.

  2. Yeah RR does seem to be on the bones of its arse
  3. So you won't be coming back then?
    I think if you read through most of the threads you mention, except the nursing one, you'll find that the person who started the thread has the [email protected]# merrily ripped out of them.
    It is of course far more preferable to be a member of a site where the posts are all so original, such as 'What's this Helicopter' or 'Name this ship', but then it's all a matter of horses for courses.
    Awaiting, with baited breath, your usual "Nar nar nee nar nar, you bit." reply.
  4. Go to any forum. They all go through quiet.times. tBut you are just trying to have a pop at us all. Get a life :threaten:
  5. IDID,

    Open a thread! I've opened good and bad, including 'Mathematical Conversation Starters' and a host of other bizzare but pusser friendly topics. Many of us are pissed off with Newbie topics, but for some reason many of the old boys like to indulge them :).

    I think NZB is saying 'Anyone can wrap their hand in'. As an ex submariner, you can surely relate to that :)
  6. Doesn't matter what forum you look at, there's always people who whinge about how crap the site is. Don't see them volunteering to administer or moderate such sites, which involves a lot of fookin' work.

    I must admit though RR doesn't seem to have many members, don't the Navy like you lot or something? :farao:
  7. Won't be coming back? NZ_bootneck I am sure you know me better than that. Believe it or not I posted a serious question with the intention of sparking debate. Naturally you revert to type, avoid the question and comment on an irrelevant issue. Never mind it was only to be expected. :thumright:

    Have a nice day
  8. Doh Harry I have!!!! :thumright:


    PS you seem to be confusing submariners with our General Service counterparts- HMS Cornwall need I say more?
  9. Good. Creep :bball:
  10. Almost 6,000 members. 15 Online at present.
    23 “Visitorsâ€. 20-odd active threads that I can see.
    Two wars going on.
    Service personnel getting killed and wounded.
    People joining up.
    People leaving.
    Old and bold types posting and reading.
    Others making donations.
    Only one in the Chatroom.
    Like any other forum on the www it has its highs and lows.
    Its serious, thought provoking, funny and enquiring.
    I read it/post on it.
    Hundreds of others do likewise.
    It serves a purpose and is likely to do so for a long time to come.
  12. Just wishful thinking on my behalf.
    As for your 'serious' question I thought I had answered it, RR is an OPEN forum and as such anyone can lurk and then join and ask their questions (Bone or not), put across their POV or, like you, stir the [email protected]# then sit back and attempt to look clever.
    A 'CLOSED' site can look as if it's spinning along nicely, as the 'other' place seems to be (And good luck to it) but of course that is for the members only of that site to know.
    I was thinking that traffic was a little slow at the weekend, but then people have lives so Ho Hum, I'm sure that RR will cope.
    If not we can all join ROMFT and play spot the chopper.
  13. Whats going on?
    Who pisses who off?

  14. Go up the page.
  15. NZ_Bootneck I am affronted. You accuse me of shit stirring and attempting to look clever. How dare you. As you know I am a member of both Rum Ration and ROMFT but hold no allegiance to either as you incorrectly insinuate. The matter of fact is that I am infinitely cleverer than you. Simple as. However let's not let this thread degenerate into a mud slinging session between you and myself. I thank you immensely for stating your views on the actual question posed, all is now clear in my mind.

    Have a nice day

  16. Fukc you, four eyes! My mate's mum is bigger than your 'dad', anyday! :dwarf:
  17. [align=center][​IMG][/align]
  18. Nothing lack lustre in the HMS Mercury thread, a bleddy good read to those that done time there.

    Perhaps some of us are a bit more snobbish that others.
  19. Oh dear you seem to be under the impression that I give two hoots for your opinions of me, this site or anything else.

  20. Joined Feb 13 and it's now Feb 14 and 30 posts already. Have you got a job ?

    No girlfriend obviously.

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