Rum Ration - Useful or useless ?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ninja_Stoker, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Thread split from the summer leave thread.

    It's a bit of a double edged sword. This site in no way purports to be official, so should not be quoted as a definitive source under any circumstances. That said, there are often good tips & pointers to be found & knowledge is power.

    There are plenty of numpties kicking around that don't get the answer they want to hear with regard suitability for service who will deliver the same question in a variety of angles in the hope of getting a favourable contradiction - it's bit like a child playing Mum against Dad when they want something.

    From an AFCO perspective I can see both sides & must admit that if a candidate told me they read something on here that contradicted what I was telling them, then I'd give them short-shrift - hence the disclaimer in the signature strip.

    Conversely there are of course those in the Careers Service who are set in their ways who are completely unreceptive and suspicious of social networking as a means of delivering advice and information. Some will always seek to discredit anything on this new-fangled t'internet thingy, and there's no changing that.

    There are a lot of people that were completly miffed when the 'recruiting bible', (BR3) was first hosted in the public domain & I must confess I question the wisdom myself as it leaves us open to criticism by potential joiners - and there's nothing worse than having your own rules quoted back at you - but, at the same time we should have nothing to hide.
  2. Re: Summer leave?

    I'm probably slightly biased, but I would say that, used judiciously, there is a lot to be gained from Rum Ration. It's not difficult to work out which of the contributors have access to accurate and current information when it comes to Careers Advice; it's not difficult to work out who is actually serving at the moment; nor is it difficult to work out who has the inside information on medical matters. Rum Ration is immensely privileged to have those people on board; I can't imagine any other context where someone could post a message to the internet and have such a specialised and select group of people read their message. Under normal circumstances, you wouldn't be able to access the different sources of information on Rum Ration in your own right; that these people are all "under the same roof" sometimes amazes me.

    I may also be biased when I say that, if you want to know what has been in the media about the Royal Navy on any given day, you will find it here on Rum Ration.

    I do appreciate what the CA has said about avoiding RR; however, he isn't around to answer questions on weekends and Bank Holidays. Rum Rationers are.
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Re: Summer leave?

    What......people may fib to a newbie?....*swoon* OK over that.....

    The info posted on here by the adults and those a few hoops along the circus trail are great, OK there may well be a bit of p1ss taking going on but you dont need the brains of a rocket scientist to work out what's what.
  4. Re: Summer leave?

    Don't get me wrong after he said don't use it I have still carried on because I have found this site very valuable and the info given has been great! Some ppl have been very helpful! There is a bit of piss taking but it's just a laugh!
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: Rum Ration - Usefull or useless ?

    Hopefully, the Factual Careers advice - Beware sticky in this section clarifies the issues with regard definitive advice.

    Certainly, the RN PR machine has had kittens over the years when this site was finding its feet. Not least during the Iranian Hostage debacle.

    But, as with all things, those sage enough to embrace change & not throw ceremonial sabres out of the creche soon learn that as a means of communicating with potential recruits & delivering accurate advice, this medium is here to stay & it's also the way young people sometimes prefer to communicate & gather information.

    Initially my line managers were far from happy about any contribution on an unofficial site & it became a bit like trying to get a bloody signal released onboard, where every bugger wants to change the text, just because they are senior & have a red (or green) biro & therefore know better. Fact is the person posing the question just wants a quick, rough idea, not a carefully crafted legal statement.

    Finally the services are starting to cotton-on to the potential usefulness of fora & have even started some official ones. The only problem with the official ones is that everyone will always want to know what actually happens unofficially - as though there is some secret hidden agenda. There ain't, but there's room for both.
  6. Advice has to be read carefully, of course there is piss taking but unless someone is extremely thick then they should easily spot the piss taking from the genuine help.
    If someone is too dense to do this then perhaps they should apply for work at Maccy Ds rather than the RN.
    Genuine newbies asking Sensible questions will normally get genuine responses.
  7. Something else I would add is that a fair bit of the positive side of Rum Ration happens beyond the public fora. Some of the practical problem solving and a lot of the emotional support goes on within the PM system.
  8. I remember when I was in the process of joining up, not once did I use the Internet, I was constantly phoning or visiting the AFCO. At the end of the day Rum Ration is the unoffical Navy forum and this is clearly stated before you join or post a question etc, so if members feel the question is pretty stupid then off course they are going to receive a barrage of stupid answers, but if a person ask a genuine question asking for advice then us the members try our best to give the infomation they need. There are many examples of this on here.
    For me and possible others Rum Ration is about catching up on gossip etc and can have a good laugh where that sick, twisted military sense of humour comes in to play, granted the newbies won't get it at first but I'm sure when they start their profession in the Navy they will come wise to it.
  9. Ninja you really have to ask a stupid question,lol???

    Of course its useful !

    The advice Junior (via me!) regarding what should happen and when that both you and Angrydoc have given us has been invaluable. My only regret is that I can't buy you both a drink to thank you.

    tbh I think if you get information from this site then when you raise the question your AFCO you need to do it in such a way that you aren't accusing him/her of lying but in a way that suggests you are clarifying the situation - not well worded but you know what I mean.

    As for the p!$$ taking - well I have thought some comments are a bit harsh (you know who you are,lol!) but then on reflection, it must reflect life in the armed forces.
  10. £20 to a military charity then. Go. . .
  11. Ninja,
    There is no doubt that the info I have found and been given on here helped me to prepare correctly for the whole process and ultimately saw me get through the application process.

    Obviously there are always numbnuts on here who don't grasp the site or deal with people correctly which is why these are here to distribute some whoop ass :lol:

    I have PM you a few times and you have always given informative answers, soleil, SM and many others have too. The support from old timers and potential fellow newbies is always encouraging, after all from now on we will be in effect in a new life with a different and unique structure to what anyone is used to so this is a good place to start supporting people who are in the same boat!

    So, anyone who has an issue with the site obv" doesn't understand it and the help it is to potential new employees, perhaps they should pull their heads out of their asses and get with the times :D
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    The only people to truly answer the question would be currently serving who used the site whilst undergoing the selection process. Standfast Chico, you blew it.

  13. Pfft!

    It may as well be 'official' now all the forums are spammed to death with thousands of pointless official dits and feel good news story links by our resident ray of sunshine.

    Any outsider coming here would assume it's an official site now and that may well explain the almost zero interest this site garners now. Thinks I'm wrong? This site now has more moderators than active posters and what few discussion threads that are posted are driven off the front pages of the forums in a heartbeat by the relentless link spamming.
  14. Hate to disagree with you there mucker. As someone who dresses up as a doctor and spends his weekends lurking around maternity wards I have picked up some really useful tips. As such I feel that where AngryDoc is not here I can help (in exchange for pictures of the infection or injury obviously).

    I know for a fact that Ninja_Stoker is a Crimean War re-enactor from Rotherham, and is not in any way connected to HM Forces. He's still bloody useful though isn't he?
  15. Let us not forget our very own resident SF expert Deano McNab. Where else could you get valuable information on how to be a grade A career cunt?
  16. Are you angry about something? Sometimes I find it's nice to just sing a song to cheer yourself up.
  17. I got a swollen knacker sack - where do I send the pictures?
  18. Big clue for all the numpties quoting RR to the AFCO man...the site is UNOFFICIAL, that means NOT connected to the RN/RM.
    Although members maybe serving or have served and therefore may have a clue*, anyone can join the site and offer their opinions eg Nails, Mattbe and others too numerous to mention so for someone to claim that "I read on RR that..." to an AFCO Bod speaks volumes of the persons common dog.
    Thick as mince.

    *Myself excluded of course.
  19. As a Doctor I believe that your medical issues should remain, as far as is possible, confidential. With that in mind post your picture in the Health & Fitness section and I'll look at it when I'm done with this dog.
  20. Hey - there's nowt wrong with mince

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