Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Deeps, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. It appears that we have a few stalkers on Rum Ration. If your life is so sad that you find the need to send nameless messages then you really need to get some professional help.This is the internet ,get fecking real.
  2. go on ... tell us what it said ... you know you want to :toothy1:
  3. Er how can a message be nameless when we log in with userids etc ???
  4. He means that a lovely member of RR has taken to harrassing another member via text message on their mobile phone.

    Seems like a certain person thinks RR is real life these days.

    The saga continues..........................
  5. Its all being sorted. The person sending the messages is not too clever and has forgotten about previous comms and other people having the his/her phone number.
  6. What kind of a knob gives their phone number out on the interweb?
  7. Hey, id be worried if my know had its own phone to give the number out....
  8. And in English...........................

    The number was given most probably once trust was gained via an RR meet.
  9. The PO stoker stalks me all the time, following me aimlessly around the kitchen sniffing for food and gazing pathetically at me when I am sitting on the sofa.

    Oh no ... sorry .... that is the cat.

    How sad am I, can't even get a proper stalker!
  10. Want one?
  11. Looks like I have picked one up now, that little wannabe submariner sprog keeps sending me private messages.
  12. Bung `em into the open Ling, then :w00t: he`ll think twice.
  13. Yeah lets see what the rouge is saying
  14. He's trying to get a bite by calling me a steward and giving me grief about lady boys cos I live in Bangkok, all very original but I probably butt humped my first Kite before he was born, and had the decency to give her a reach around....
    As Rosie said, he's a vark!
    I dunno what a vark is yet, but if Rosie says he is that's good enough for me.
  15. I don`t know what a Vark is either Ling, but according to Rosie I`m her favourite one. :thumright:
  16. Good man. I was just explaining the benefits of the reach around today to the young royal I'm working with. I think he was a little shocked bless.
  17. Obviously a new royal, give him a few runs ashore with his mean green oppos and he will be dressing up as a bird and giving blow jobs for bets in no time.
  18. Ah the RN's elite
  19. Ling you are a tad unreconstructed for my taste, if you could try to get in touch with your feminine side I might consider it.

    And BTW Hig is not a vark - he is a wee lambie lambchop!
  20. I do sit down to piss when i am shitfaced, does that count?

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