Rum Ration Run Ashore

I was wondering if there would be any interest, especially among the more regular contributers, of a proper RR run ashore sometime in the future.
Maybe meeting up in London at the UJC or somewhere in Dog Shit City.
Any thoughts?


Lantern Swinger
I'm always up for a run ashore, where ever it is. I guess by the proposed locations so far, there aren't many Guzz ratings on here.

Also, how long before I qualify as a more regular member? :?:
I have been thinking of doing something similar amongst the regulars, perhaps a trip up a certain clock tower to see & hear Big Ben from a few feet away. So how about making a day of it sometime?
sgtpepperband said:
...unless we make it a rig run! Nutty could turn up in his S/Ms woolly pully and diesel hat at a jaunty angle! :lol:
I've got an unissued 1960 lid from the G-Place stores! :lol: I'm afraid I'm too big to fit into my RNXS no.8s!


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Draft an RRTM, cc it to Jenny Dabber to approve it, dist it on the Forums, and wait for everyone to turn up (and I'll troop anyone who's absent!!) :lol:

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