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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by ex_rubberdagger, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. This thread is an award ceremony for individuals in certain catagories.

    Starting off with MattB who is by far the thickest, wannabe, fcuktard, attention whore on the site.

    There you go mate the Oscars yours.
  2. We should suggest categorys first and then nominate winners.
    Hows about:

    Biggest Walt
    Most Sanctimonious cnut
    Humourless [email protected]
    RR c0ckhungry whore

    Suggestions please?
  3. Slackest rimpiece.
    Best blowjob.
    Biggest tits.

    I nominate MLP for all of the above.
  4. Most beauiful romance
    Biggest Kiddie Fiddler
  5. Absolutely fan-bloody-tastic!.... I am quite thrilled.
  6. Biggest Walt has to go to airborne_airman without a doubt!
  7. I vote Ninja Stoker for the most patient and understanding award.

    Not only does he answer in a civilised manner, but risks ulcers and high blood pressure every day, answering even the most bone questions promptly.

    Personally I can't see how he hasn't died laughing.

    Congratulations Ninja :wav:
  8. Internet Rapist is another one,
    biggest biter?
    Funniest post?
    Funniest thread?
    Rompingest homo?
  9. Hold your horses, we're not nominating yet, just sorting out categories, I do fancy my chances at those awards though.
  10. Biggest biter.
  11. Most amounts of unqualified civvy advice to newbies

    Biggest Paedo
  12. :wink: :wink: Not sure about this one could be a dead heat between :oops: :oops: Thingy and 42 :wink: :wink: RE rompingest homo!!!!
  13. Nomination for the person with the most plastic surgery done on their tits
  14. Best dressed ex- bootie?
  15. The Almost as bad as Norman/Norma Oscar
  16. Nomination for poshest bird on the site, well they think they are!!!
  17. Chavviest little mongtard
  18. Best Norks.

    Picture entries only please :D
  19. Can we add the best kept growler to that one??? 8O
  20. where the cat kips :wink: :wink:

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