Rum ration Oscars

This thread is an award ceremony for individuals in certain catagories.

Starting off with MattB who is by far the thickest, wannabe, fcuktard, attention whore on the site.

There you go mate the Oscars yours.


Lantern Swinger
I vote Ninja Stoker for the most patient and understanding award.

Not only does he answer in a civilised manner, but risks ulcers and high blood pressure every day, answering even the most bone questions promptly.

Personally I can't see how he hasn't died laughing.

Congratulations Ninja :wav:
Montigny_La_Palisse said:
Internet Rapist is another one,
biggest biter?
Funniest post?
Funniest thread?
Rompingest homo?
:wink: :wink: Not sure about this one could be a dead heat between :oops: :oops: Thingy and 42 :wink: :wink: RE rompingest homo!!!!

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